IBM Cognos Gives High Level Data Accuracy

In today’s era of machine learning, data accuracy is key. Models are made more reliable with lots of tweaking, twisting, but reaching cent percent data accuracy is still an issue of concern.

If at any given point, you feel that you are being perceived as someone who’s unsure about what to say, it’s time you adopt IBM Cognos.

IBM Cognos helps you present dependable reports and information to your seniors giving them the impression that you know your business well. It’ll not only give you that dash of confidence but will reinforce their faith in your ability to take informed business decisions driven towards growth.

Lacking confidence since you’re two minds about whether your data is narrating the true story?

In this dynamic digital world, maintaining highest level of data accuracy is a must to run your business successfully. Ambiguous or inaccurate data can have adverse effects on important business decisions. This can negatively impact the overall revenue of the company.

Thus, it is important for firms to ensure reduced risk of data modelling errors by restricting who can view and edit data with security filters on modules. In this context, let’s look at IBM Cognos to provide 100% data accuracy in the following ways:

  • Strong Data Organization – Once you have a strategy in place, improve your data collection process and store your data in a secure place. Dedicated data management helps you exercise control of your data quality to improve your analysis and business decisions.
  • Adopt Data Silos – To ensure that only designated individuals or departments can edit any data, adopt data silos technique.

Always remember that pervasive search makes it easy to find relevant data which can be edited by anyone, anytime. However, to maintain uncompromised accuracy, you need to ensure that all department specific data remains accessible for edits only to the concerned department.

  • Use Security Filters – You can apply object-level permissions and row-level security data filters to limit a user’s access to data.

You can define security filters for dimension tables, fact tables, and columns using IBM Cognos. This will facilitate your business users to combine external data with highly secure, IT-curated data via a data module that has accessible security filters.

  • Achieve High Level of Data Quality – To improve data quality and consistency with zero functional loss when connecting to live data, it is important that you use to IBM Cognos.

To ensure high quality data, one must follow data quality cycle.

The cycle includes everything from analysing the data to cleansing it and monitoring its quality. While analysing data, you must address questions related to data values and its accuracy. Data is cleansed using individual business rules, while data quality is enhanced with geo-data, etc.

Always remember, all our efforts will go in vein if we work towards some analysis that is vague or incorrect. Any action that is based on incorrect analysis automatically becomes incorrect. Thus, opt for IBM Cognos to ensure high level data accuracy and enriched quality.

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