Candid Conversation with Raj Kothari – Co-Founder of MyClassCampus

| March 28, 2020

updated on September 8, 2021 at 6:55 pm



The partnership between Techjcokey and MyClassCampus going strong with both the parties exploring new business opportunities together. Let’s read about the views of Mr. Raj Kothari, Co-Founder & Director of MyClassCampus, who looks forward to this association.

  1. Tell us how MyClassCampus started. What are the values or principles that define and differentiate MyClassCampus?

In 2015, Rachit, Rutvij and Me were working on our education startup idea and we were meeting 100s of schools, colleges and coaching institute owners. While meeting the best of the institutes, we realized that a lot of them are still relying on offline institute management software. At that time, we decided to build a cloud based and mobile app driven platform in this domain which works like Tally in accounting or Zoho in enterprise setups. It means everything related to education software for management, communication and teaching-learning should happen on our platform. That’s how we started developing MyClassCampus.

We had seen a lot of software already available in this market. However, we found that most of them were built 5-10 years back with negligible updates as per the latest market trend. We wanted to build a strong dedicated team, to bring the best that education technology could offer in the most affordable pricing model so that a large number of institutes can benefit from this.

Today, we are a strong team of 70 people with expertise in technical development, customer support and business development domains.

  1. What are the key challenges of educational institutes in India? How MyClassCampus address their pain points?

As far as software is concerned, most of the educational institutes use multiple software for different operations, like for fees and finance through one system, HRMS through another system, learning management again with another software. All in one, managing different functions with a single platform is quite rare, resulting in the reduced productivity of teachers and admin staff.

We, at MyClassCampus, provide an end-to-end product suite which becomes a one stop solution for their needs. Our software has more than 60 modules, taking care of almost all the requirements an educational organization has.

  1. Tell us about some of the unique features or benefits of using MyClassCampus

All the features of MyClassCampus are designed thoughtfully and are easy to use. However, here’re some interesting features which are liked by our customers the most:

  • Finance Management with payment gateway and tally integration
  • Lesson planning with “Pocket Study”-smart learning app integration
  • Biometric with HRMS and leave management
  • Dynamic certificate and I-card generation tool
  • Dynamic report card generator
  • Online admission tool with Inquiry CRM
  • GPS tracking with and without hardware requirement
  • Hostel management 
  1. How MyClassCampus manages to stay innovative in terms of technology? 

We have a strong team of 25 young and highly experienced technical professionals who are passionate about bringing the best for the users. Our product already has 1 Million monthly app launches.

We have a strong backup of technology consultants for cloud server, security and software development with whom our team works closely to bring the best of technology. Our team gets expert advice and learning sessions to stay updated with the latest happening in the education technology domain.

We interact a lot with our customers and try to get as much feedback as possible from them to introduce innovative features in the system with widespread use case support.

  1. How would you describe the success of MyClassCampus? What factors majorly contributed to its increasing demand among educational institutes?

We consider our software users as the most important pillars of our ecosystem. We try to give best of the services on time for better experience. Many a times, even a good software fails because of bad support and services. We strongly focus on adopting the best of support strategies, which make customers happy with our offerings. We feel that, one happy customer will bring five new references; and at the same time, one dissatisfied customer will stop 10 new possible prospects from coming to you.

  1. Were there any major challenges that you faced during the journey of MyClassCampus? What kept you motivated?

Building a strong technical team was difficult during initial days. However, our goal was very clear, we wanted to become Zoho or Slack or Skype in the world of education. We were knowing that it’s only possible if we build a strong tech team.

Setting up a dedicated sales team was also critical to ensure sustained business growth and generate revenue. However, we always focused on building a team of consultants and not just sales professionals. Consultants can guide individual customers about what the best they can achieve with MyClassCampus rather than just focusing on selling the product.

  1. Where do you see MyClassCampus in the next 5 years?

As much as we use Google products or any other widely popular software brand in the corporate sector, we want to be an equally trusted brand name in the field of education. In the next five years, MyClassCampus will likely be the synonym for education software.

  1. What is the work culture in your organization? How enthusiastic is your team to see the growth curve of MyClassCampus?

80 percent employees are with us since the last two plus years. We give our employees the complete freedom and ownership to innovate and bring the best in their domain. Our team is super excited for the new rocket ship which is rising up in 2020. Our product is likely to be used in 50+ countries and 500+ cities around the world before 2020 ends.

  1. How is your partnership with shaping up? Is this partnership supporting your plan for an increased digital presence in 2020?

We are working with Techjockey since the past 1.5 years. Initially it was little slow, however after proper team alignment and the increase in the number of customers through Techjockey platform, our partnership is going great. We are hoping for a strong growth while working with the Techjockey team. We are undoubtedly getting good visibility and quality prospects through Techjockey.

  1. Is there anything you would like to add on or say to other emerging tech startups in India?

Unless your product is solving real critical problems of customers, it will not pickup. Pricing and everything else comes second. Develop your product in a way that it becomes indispensable for the growth of their business.




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