Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Unique Brand Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

By Techjockey Team . January 25, 2022

A well-defined and implemented brand strategy has a direct impact on consumer demands, emotions, and competitive conditions. It is worth remembering that your brand isn't just...

functionalities of cloud contact centre banner image

What Is a Cloud Contact Center: Benefits & How It Works

By Techjockey Team . December 22, 2021

Technology is ever-growing and every day it is getting more sophisticated, allowing for greater flexibility, cost savings, and convenience for a variety of enterprises. Contact centers...

virtual call centre

How to Setup a Successful Virtual Call Centre

By Somya Gupta . May 6, 2021

Gartner study indicated how by the year 2023 most of the companies would move to the WFH (work from the home) model. Covid-19, the ravaging pandemic...

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