Cloud Telephony Providers

10 Best Cloud Telephony Providers in India

By Isha Lamba . October 11, 2022

Contacting and maintaining a connection with your customers and prospects has become even more difficult in today’s remote and hybrid working spaces. Businesses and even customers...

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Unique Brand Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

By Techjockey Team . January 25, 2022

A well-defined and implemented brand strategy has a direct impact on consumer demands, emotions, and competitive conditions. It is worth remembering that your brand isn't just...

functionalities of cloud contact centre banner image

What Is a Cloud Contact Center: Benefits & How It Works

By Techjockey Team . December 22, 2021

Technology is ever-growing and every day it is getting more sophisticated, allowing for greater flexibility, cost savings, and convenience for a variety of enterprises. Contact centers...

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