Webinar: IT Experts Advice on Latest Intel Datacenter

Webinar: IT Experts Advice on Latest Intel Datacenter-feature image
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Reviewed By: Sanjay Kaushal

There has been a lot of buzz around Intel advancement in the space of technology.

So, what exactly is Performance Advantages with Intel and enhanced security and their strategy around security.

Let’s unlock the interesting facts around the “Intel Datacenter” on “Techjockey: Meet the Experts” with Sreejith G Krishnan, Partner Solution Architect, Intel Corporation. Catch him sharing his expertise on ‘Security aspects of Intel strategy and architecture’.

Intel Datacenter Product Portfolio: Intel advancement in the space of technology, processing power that Intel has been generating over the year

Discussion Points:

  • Where Intel as an organization and technology is placed today
  • Intel Data center portfolio, what is happening on datacenter side
  • Digital transformation – Intel’s play in this aspect in last few years and today
  • How is intel optimizing and addressing the challenge of data that is replicated, the load that is going on the infrastructure, and the most expensive component, D-RAM
  • Vision of data centricity which Intel has and how it is going to move forward

Intel Latest 3rd Gen Xeon – ICX Launch – The discussion is around the launch of latest 3rd gen Xeon – ICX

Discussion Points:

  • What are Xeon Scalable process
  • Which is the latest Xeon process service that is launched for the service segment and its key features – Ice Lake
  • How does Ice Lake fit into the initiative of Edge to Cloud and how does customer gain the confidence on the way to go to the edge to cloud
  • How is the performance getting enhanced as compared to the previous generation

Performance Advantages with Intel and Enhanced Security – Intel’s strategy around security and some of the performance advantages that are there with Intel

Discussion Points:

  • Security aspects of Intel strategy and architecture
  • What is Intel doing around Confidential Computing
  • What is really happening in all SI space where Intel is working
  • How the performance has improved for H2 cloud, customers with all the three offerings of Intel (mentioned in all 3 videos)

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