Manage Patient Bill Online with QuickPay Portal

| Created on July 20, 2018

Updated on February 15, 2020

QuickPay Portal


Medical billing isn’t confined to an individual or one desk. From front office administrator, receptionist, to back office staff, many people are involved.

QuickPay Portal

Hospital staff face hiccups in the process of medical billing because it involves a lot more than the registration fee paid at reception during the visit.

  • Collecting the correct information of patients
  • Scheduling a time slot for diagnosis
  • Tracking services rendered to every patient
  • Managing insurance claims by patients.

That’s not it!

The next lap is about the mode of payment. In case of an offline system, payment options aren’t much and often not that simple and easy.

Considering all the obstacles a healthcare centre has to face in the case of a patient billing system, Athena Health Inc has come up with QuickPay Portal. It’s a hospital billing software to help hospital staff manage patients’ bill online.

More than just a simple hospital billing software

More than just a simple hospital billing softwareQuickPay Portal helps a healthcare centre in collecting money faster and often. Activities of every staff member from the front office to the back office are coordinated online. From the point of booking appointment till the payment is made, every activity can be tracked online.

Moreover, QuickPay portal can be integrated with other portals which have all the information required for billing such as tests undertaken, services rendered, medicines provided. Since all the information is updated in real time, collecting payment becomes easier.

QuickPay Portal allows more than just the management of treatment bills.

  • One can schedule an appointment
  • Message doctors to seek advice
  • Manage prescriptions
  • Request renewal of prescription
  • View test reports, etc.

Allows payment of patient bills online

Allows payment of patient bills onlineAthena Health has different patient portals for patients care and convenience such as CSM connect portal which allows one to view test and lab results and connect with the care team. There is a Billing/Schedule portal which helps in scheduling appointments. It also allows patients to update their information, message a doctor to seek information and review billing statements. QuickPay also facilitates quick payments online. Patient just have to give his/her Statement ID on QuickPay portal and your hospital will receive payment instantly.

Let’s pay your bill online via different modes

bill online via different modesVia QuickPay Portal, Athena Health has laid an easy and secure payment carpet for hospitals. It’s payment options consists of over the phone, in-person, internet marketing, mailing and online.




PhonePatients just need to keep their statement and form of payment (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) ready. Use your account number (given in the upper right-hand corner on your statement), go to QuickPay portal, and sign in.


In-person payment

In-person paymentThe statement will be required here as well. Mode of payment will remain cash, personal check, FSA debit card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.



And, online payment can also be done easily.

The mission is to make payment options simple and convenient for patients. And with QuickPay Portal, the mission is accomplished!


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