How QR Code Can Save You Money & Ensure Better Security at Events

Whether you are an event professional or attendee, long lines at the registration desk are an eyesore. As an event planner, you plan for everything to be seamless and efficient. Nonetheless, event day is usually rough with all the running around. The last thing you want on the event day is long lines at the check-in desk, which happens majorly because your team has to go through the pain of excels/paper while guests wait in-line.

First impression is the last impression, so why let the registration desk experience bad for your attendees! What about providing a personal assistant to every attendee – a personal QR code?

It not only will help you in speeding up the check-in process, but also be instrumental throughout the event in tracking, interacting and engaging your attendee. Let us discuss in detail how it can enhance the experience of customers at your upcoming event.

Main Benefits:

1. Clean & Easy-to-Setup Kiosks

Hours spent in setting up the check-in infrastructure? Overcrowded staff at the check-in counter? Papers & wires lying around? Confusion on finding names/pre-registered? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, get rid of all these challenges with the QR-code Mobile Check-in Solution. (Tip: Since the hardware is so minimal, your kiosk is flexible to your event)

2. Smaller Queues

The QR code check-in can reduce wait time to one second per attendee. The goal is to get your guests into/around the event as quickly as possible. With high-quality smartphones, an easy-to-

use app and instant print capabilities, lines can be eliminated across all check-in points at the venue.

3. Fewer Security Concerns

If you are organizing large events, handling the crowd is not only cumbersome but also raises security concerns. Eliminate duplication of guest profiles and red-flag exceptions immediately with a personal QR code for every attendee.

4. Ensures Offline Check-In

Even in today’s 3G/4G/Optical high-speed world, reliable internet at an event continues to be a challenge. All of these can be eliminated with AIDA’s mobile check-in app, which works offline. Data can be stored in-device to sync later/in-background.

5. Smarter (Fewer) On-Site Staff

QR code scanners are easy to operate with absolutely no training required. So, you don’t need to spend significantly on hiring a large number of staff for an event. Now, huddle up before the start of the event just to raise spirits of the team for the big day, and not to give them a lengthy brief of the registration process is not required anymore.

Additional Benefits

Personalized Check-In – One of the hardest tasks as an event planner is to personalize guest experience. Fortunately, it just became easier with a QR-code. With On-Scan, it is easy to identify the guests and personalize the at-event experience – starting with a welcome screen that has their photo!

Data Collection – The technology that is used to streamline check-in processes can also be used to track attendee locations. Real-time event organizers can monitor crowd movements and make changes in their event management plans accordingly.

Lead Retrieval – Didn’t we mention that the QR-code consists the attendee’s personal information? Yes, it’s true! It makes easy for attendees to network and exchange information seamlessly.

Increased Revenue – Shhh! It is a secret. You can also use QR-codes for the payment process at your event! Additionally, it can provide Lead-Retrieval as an upgrade to your exhibitors and gamify the experience of attendees.


Attendees have expectations. They no longer stand in queues for shopping, flight check-ins, bill payments. And, they expect a seamless check-in process at events too. Don’t let the long and chaotic queues take it away from you. Time to digitize it with a QR code powered check-in app. No complex setup or additional aware needed – Just a tablet and you’re all set for check-in. Check-in at the event has never been this easy! Time to unlock the power of QR-code check-ins with AIDA.

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