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Top Ten Clinic Management Software Vendors in India

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Clinic Management Software


In today’s day and age, it is of paramount importance for clinics to adapt and embrace technology that helps them grow and compete. Clinic management software helps clinics leverage technology to stay competitively viable.

A clinic management software assists clinics, general medical practitioners and health camps in effectively managing different verticals. Its features include patient appointments & scheduling, patient records management, pharmacy management, medical supplies procurement, billing, CRM and more.

List of Top Ten Clinic Management Software

1. Trio Hospital Management System

A Windows-based solution, Trio Hospital Management System is suited for both clinics and hospitals alike.  It’s a user-friendly solution that can be scaled up or down, as per the user’s needs. Trio helps medical practices improve the quality of their service and decrease operating costs. Loaded with all the essential features expected from a clinic management software, Trio Hospital Management System is a must-have for its reliability and robustness.

2. Adroit eHospital Systems

Adroit eHospital Systems is a clinic management software which is designed to help hospitals and clinics better administrate their operations. It’s a customizable solution and contains features like laboratory management, ward management, appointments scheduling, patient management, pharmacy management, patient EMR, managing stock, etc. With Adroit eHospital Systems, clinics can improve the quality of their services and reduce total operating cost.

3. Medixcel EMR

Medixcel EMR assists doctors, clinic administrators and physicians with clinic management and better administrating its different verticals. This clinic management software has features such as patient appointment, scheduling, managing electronic medical records (EMR), prescription management, billing, case tracking, inventory management, etc. Additionally, you can create a steady stream of loyal customers with Medixcel EMR’s integrated membership management module.

4. LiveHealth

LiveHealth is a robust and reliable clinic management software that comes with integrated medical & lab workflow management, instrument interfacing, account management and more. Its other features include front desk management, operations, inventory management, accounting, billing, etc. With LiveHealth, you can offer a seamless patient experience- from appointment scheduling to home sample collections to receiving reports and making payments through a mobile app.

5. Clinicmaster

Clinicmaster clinic management software is a highly scalable solution that is mobile-device enabled. It means that the solution can be accessed from any electronic device like desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Its built-in features help with appointment booking management, billing management, CRM, inventory management and more.

6. DocEngage

 DocEngage is a clinic management software which helps clinics in effectively managing patient records. With DocEngage, clinics can effortlessly manage thousands of patient records as well as, manage accounts, front office, auditing, administration, clinical, marketing, sales, etc. This solution can be easily integrated with other third-party software.

7. athenaCollector

athenaCollector assists clinics and medical practitioners with medical billing & invoicing. With this software, clinics can automate and streamline their billing process and better manage tasks such as claim submission and follow-up, denial management, payment posting and more. An added reporting & analytics module helps clinics assess their billing and sales numbers.

8. MediSteer

MediSteer clinic management software is primarily concerned with assisting clinics & healthcare establishments with their billing & invoicing needs. Aside from billing, it also provides modules for maintaining cash and credit purchase, ledger, bookkeeping, reporting, analysis and balance sheets. MediSteer removes the need for manual work, helping with better time and resource management.

9. Qmarksoft Clinic Management

Qmarksoft Clinic Management provides clinics and medical establishments with robust automation features. It’s an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution with a simple user interface. With this solution, clinics can manage patient details & records, schedule appointments, manage prescriptions, medicine and employees. Users can get this software as an on-premise or as an online solution.

10. Practo Atom Ray

Practo Atom Ray clinic management software helps clinics automate and manage their billing and patient appointments. It provides modules for appointment scheduling, managing patient database and digitally sharing medical reports with patients. Additionally, its post-consultation module allows patients to follow-up conveniently from any time, anytime and make further appointments.

Using any of these solutions, a clinic can certainly improve its functions and automate a whole bunch of redundant tasks. Their ability to seamlessly integrate with any clinic’s operations makes them a must-have for overall improvement in patient care quality.


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