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List of Top Data Backup Solution

Zoolz BigMIND

Zoolz BigMIND

By Genie9


Price: 909.00 INR /Year

A secure cloud backup which is also integrated with artificial intelligence, Zoolz intelligent cloud provides an efficient way to backup and access business files. The layer of AI also helps improve discovery, organization, accessibility and.

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Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz Cloud Backup

By Genie9


Price: 14000.00 INR /year

An effortless cloud based backup solutions, Zools cloud backup is designed for long term storage. It offers a lifetime of storage for backing up computer, external and network drives. It is also encrypted with a military grade 256 AES encryption.

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Genie Timeline Professional

Genie Timeline Professional

By Genie9


Price: 4256.00 INR Lifetime

A incredibly power yet simple tool for backing up important data. Genie Timeline Professional 10 is an automatic tool, and runs without intervention. Once the backup process is configured, it automatically takes a backup of important data and.

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Genie Backup Manager Pro

By Genie9


Price: 4686.00 INR Lifetime

Genie Backup Master Pro 9.0 is an award winning backup and disaster recovery solution for professionals. It is a powerful and robust data backup software, which has an option for flexible backup virtually across any media. It ensures multi drive.

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What is Data Backup Software?

Data backup software is a solution which prevents critical business data from being deleted or damaged, by cloning and storing it. In case of disastrous events such as accident, natural disaster, system failure, or physical damage, data can be reacquired from a secure cloud server where the backup is stored.

Data backup software manages the entire process of backing up data, restoring files, folders, hard drives, shared drives, databases, and entire network servers. Data backup software is primarily used to maintain a backup of important data stored on computer hard drives & servers. The software can be used by both individual users as well as companies to secure their computers, servers, and networking devices. Data backup software backs up files from across devices and stores it either in a physical drive (on-premise) or on cloud (online).

Why Do You Need Data Backup Software?

Data backup software creates a backup of critical & sensitive business data and stores it in a secure server. In case of hard drive failure or emergencies like a natural disaster, the backup data can be easily reacquired by the company. This software can back up and restore your important files & databases.

Both individuals & businesses need data backup & recovery software because hard drives are notorious for crashing & failing. Due to the risks associated with cybersecurity such as hacks, phishing & such, hard drives and storage servers can be corrupted & the data content can be made inaccessible. Then, there’s the risk of fire, floods and other natural disasters that can make your organisation’s PCs and other hardware inoperable. Data backup & recovery software is also useful in case your company’s PCs, laptops & other devices get stolen. Data backup software acts as an insurance in such cases, ensuring that your work isn’t hampered, and your revenue streams aren’t severely affected. Lastly, individual users should use this software to protect their personal assets such as photos, videos, music, documents, academic & professional records etc.

The main reasons why a business or individual requires a data backup software are: -

  • Backup software provides complete access of data files in your database.
  • It protects critical business & user data in the event of a network breach or physical disaster.
  • Data can be swiftly restored and recovered when issues arise, by using this software.
  • A good data backup & recovery software makes your company resilient & more durable in the face of perceived malicious threats.

Modules & Features of Data Backup Software

With a data backup software, users can rest assured knowing that their data is protected, secure and easily retraceable. The important features of data backup software are: -

  1. Data Compression- Companies have vast arrays of data processed and stored regularly. Maintaining such huge data chunks requires significant amount of disk storage space. Data backup solutions can compress such data chunks into smaller packages. This reduces storage space significantly, allowing an organisation to store more data effectively.
  2. Backup Logs- The backup log feature of data backup software records events that occur during the backup process. This is an important feature of any data backup software as it acts as a troubleshooting tool in case of problems with the backup. When the software encounters a problem during backup, this feature creates and records an error message immediately, with date and time stamp. Such error messages (or error codes) tend to be unique to the backup software in use. Backup logs can also record essential summaries, notify when a backup file fails to open and, retain extensive details of the backup process.
  3. Restoration- In case you lose chunks of data from your IT infrastructure, the app data backup software can help you restore these bits by using the backup data as a reference. Restoration allows you to recover lost/damaged data without requiring complete data migration from server to system. Total or selective restoration option is also provided by automatic data backup software.
  4. Backup Schedules- A key feature of app data backup software is the ability to schedule backups. Using this feature, a user can easily customise their backup schedules, to suit their requirement. Backup can be scheduled for once a day, week, or a month. It makes the user’s job easier as they don’t have to take the hassle of backing up data on a regular basis. Scheduling also helps enhance productivity, as backup can be scheduled for periods when a system is not in use, which doesn’t hamper any ongoing work.
  5. Encryption- A primary concern faced by many businesses involved the vulnerability of their sensitive & confidential files. They worry that their data is vulnerable to security breaches, when saved in a centralised system. Good grade encryption ensures that automatic data backup software protects your files from accidents & cyberattacks easily.
  6. Volumes- Data backup software is used to not only give a secure way to store files, but to also make the data management process a lot simpler. Using the volumes feature, a user can split large data files into smaller parts (volumes) to make it easier to organise and manage.
  7. Cloning- You can use a data backup solution to clone your data and store it on servers. Cloning is similar to data backup and it creates a mirror image of every data packet in your system.
  8. File Search- You can use the online data backup software to search for files & locate specific information. Its extensive & versatile search capability makes it easy for users to access files and not waste time looking through folders.   
  9. Mass File Recovery- With an office data backup solution, mass file recovery is easily possible. The software can restore & extract data from mass quantity of files, without allowing it to affect your work.


Advantages of Data Backup Software

File restoration, secure storage & easy data migration are some of benefits that a user gets when using a data backup software. The main advantages of data backup software are: -

  1. Remote Server Options- When you purchase an office data backup solution, you gain the ability to store backup data on a remote cloud server. This saves you the hassle of purchasing and maintaining physical servers at your office premises or a data centre. Remote servers are useful for companies with vast data volumes and limited space.
  2. Local Server Options- If you don’t want to save your data on the cloud, you can opt for physical servers and store your data on-premise. Local server options are available with data backup software, and its utility depends on an organisation’s requirement. This is suited for companies with sensitive information & the capability to maintain physical servers optimally.
  3. Secure Data Storage- Best data backup solution stores your important sensitive data with utmost diligence. Security & integrity is maintained with high grade encryption and data access can be limited by admins & those with full access. Secured data ensures that in case of data loss, your information can be safely migrated to the current system.
  4. Verification Mode- To avoid the problem of data corruption, app data backup software uses a checksum process which administrates errorless backup. Office data backup solution scans a file thoroughly to ensure that its structural integrity is maintained before and after a transfer.
  5. Backup Scheduling- The ability to schedule data backup during business downtime lets you be more productive at work. Data backups can be scheduled on important drives which are not is use during regular business hours. Backup scheduling is a big help for network administrators and IT teams, by allowing successful data backup without compromising on productivity.
  6. Security- Online data backup software secures backup files to safeguard it from hacks & damages. The software implements security in both the software & backup directories. Role-based access can also be defined using this software, ensuring multi-layered data protection and minimised risk of loss.
  7. Automated Backup Process- Automatic data backup software is an automated system which backs up and restores data by itself. By scheduling backups and defining parameters during setup, the software reduces your IT department’s workload. With this software, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is being backed up regularly, with minimum intervention.
  8. Higher Reliability- Online data backup software assures great reliability to its users. Backup can be automated, and it can be scheduled with absolute ease. The data is backed up at a given time regularly, which is how the software provides higher reliability.
  9. Easy Set-Up- Setting up the data backup software is easy. After the system is installed, you can configure different functions such as scheduling & cloning easily.
  10. Saves Money– Best data backup software makes data retrieval, archiving and maintenance simpler. Companies can rely on best data backup solution, especially in case of damage, hacks or natural disasters. It saves money by not allowing business processes to get affected, ensuring complete business functionality.


Data Backup Tools FAQ

Q. What is data backup software?
Data backup software is a digital solution which allows users (individual & organisational) to safely store their data on servers, for safekeeping. Best data backup software makes it easier for users to manage their data and reclaim it, in case of system damage.

Q. What are the different types of data backup software?
There are three types of backup software commonly:

  • Disk imaging- This kind of backup software commonly backs up physical disks & hard drives.
  • File-based backup- This is the most commonly available backup solution available in the market.
  • File synchronization- A specialized adaptation of file-based backup, it syncs and replicates files in two or more locations.

Q. How to backup data?
You can either backup data manually or make it an automated process to be done regularly (daily, weekly, monthly etc). Data backup can be done using the software by following instructions on the screen.

Q. How frequently should I back up data?

A. The frequency of backing up your data is dependent entirely on you. Consider backing up important files immediately or when you have made enough new files. Doing so would you’re your data protection efforts simpler and you won’t have to recreate them in case of loss or damage.


Q. What data should I back up?

A. Data that’s of importance to you or your company, should be backed up at the very least. Old data, that doesn’t have an active use but needs to be preserved, can be backed up and stored on the server.


Free User Guide of Data Backup Software

Before buying a data backup solution, here’s a few key things you should be vary of: -

  1. Device Support- Ask the vendor as to what devices does the software support. Common devices like tape, disk & removable media should be supported by the backup software. Additionally, check if the software supports both your operating system environments and virtual environments like VMware?
  2. Remote Backup Capability- If you have remote offices or multiple branches, check if the data backup software has the capability to backup branch & remote offices. This is especially important for businesses with multiple branches without a dedicated IT support.
  3. Performance- Does the backup software impact system performance, when in use? Are there identifiable performance benchmarks that the vendor can provide? Make sure to go for a software that doesn’t hamper your workflow.
  4. Encryption & Compression- Check if the software comes with encryption and compression capability. If it does, make sure to ask about performance degradation that could occur with encryption and compression enabled. Also check for the impact it has on the main server hosting the backup software? lastly, make it a point to ask if encryption and compression features can be turned off if system performance is severely affected.
  5. Notification- In case of backup failures or issues, does the software notify the user of the same? If so, does it occur in real time and what level of self-repairing capability does the software come with.
  6. Support Offered- Make sure you know the support available from vendor, in case of queries, concerns or issues. Do they provide training? Is the support provided 24*7? Knowing these will help you in case of problems faced while using the data backup software of your choosing.


List of Best Data Backup Software Providers In India

There are many data backup software available so which ones do you choose? To help you decide, we’ve listed the best data backup software in India: -

  1. Quest Netvault Backup
  2. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
  3. Nanosystem Uranium Backup
  4. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Toolkit
  5. Lsoft Active Undelete
  6. Kernel Data Recovery Tools
  7. Zoolz Cloud Backup
  8. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery
  9. Veritas Net Backup

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