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Reseller Program

What is meant by a reseller portal?

A reseller refers to an individual or a company which sells products or services owned or provided by another company to earn a profit or commission.

In Techjockey's Reseller Program, we help existing resellers grow their customer base by providing them a market overview so that they can understand their customer needs and requirements. We offer them regular updates so that they have a fair idea about the current market trends. We also offer training and consultancy support to help you better serve your customers and find out if they have any further need for any specific solution.

We offer different payment options to such as credit/debit cards and EMI option is available as well. Our program will help you create a One Stop Shop where you can provide software service support

At Techjockey, we believe that your data is important and we do not share your personal and confidential information with any third party.

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Free training and consultation services

We provide free training and consultation sessions in collaboration with OEMs to guide and resolve any doubts or issues which you may have.

Special Incentives on Achieved Targets

On reaching certain milestones, we offer attractive incentives to keep you hooked to our Program.

Additional Benefits

You will receive additional benefits
  • Discounts
  • Longer Retention of Customers
  • Data Security

Why should you join?

That's a fair question. Why should you join and become our reseller? We offer amazing benefits for one. Want to know more about them?

With us, you will be able to generate impressive margins for yourself. We offer special discounts which you can avail when customers enter a unique code at the time of purchase at our website (which we would have previously provided to you).

You need to invest very little effort as you may be already having a customer base to whom you can inform about us and how we can satisfy their IT needs.

We will also organize free training and consultation sessions to help familiarize you with the software. We will share newsletters with you empowering you with current and updated information focusing on latest IT trends and software.

Last but not the least, you can satisfy all your software needs at one single platform i.e. Techjockey at affordable prices. This is a valuable proposition not just for you but for your customers as well.

How to join?

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