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AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS

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About AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS

What is AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS?

AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS is an advanced attendance management software that eliminates the need for manual attendance tracking. The software helps educational institutions and offices to track employees’ and students’ attendance on a regular basis. The users can generate and view attendance-based reports as per their convenience. AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS enables the admin users to designate user-based access rights, in order to protect the attendance related data from any kind of manipulation. It allows the students and staff to send in their leave applications to the head of the department. Further, it enables the parents to keep track of their child’s attendance and communicate with the management and teachers, if required.

How is AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS useful for schools?

AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS helps educational institutes manage multiple campuses within a single platform. They get to automate the entire attendance related operation with ease. The software allows admin users to authenticate user-based access rights. It enables the faculty, office staff and students to submit their applications for leave, give feedback on hostel accommodation, foods supplied in the canteens, view regular timetables, attendance reports and course-related contents as well. Parents can also use AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS to get complete information about their child’s attendance, class test grades and exam related timetable.    

Pricing of AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS 

The pricing of AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS is available as per the needs and demands of the user. If you want to use the software, send us a callback request. Our customer care team will assist you with the license key/activation key, renewal of your current plan, and others.

Compatible Platforms for AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS

The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

What are the benefits of using AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS?  

  1. IVRS Module: A major highlight of this application is its IVRS module that enables the administration to make the software accessible even in case of the absence of an internet facility. 
  2. Payroll Operations: With the help of the software, this buddy of HR can easily issue the staff’s salary, based on the exact number of days served.
  3. Accurate Data: The software enables its users to maintain an accurate data backed by microscopic level information of the employees. The creation of accurate results helps perform payroll management effectively.
  4. Leave Calculator: AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS helps users track the leaves taken by their employees. It can calculate the total working hour and the breaks taken. It also manages the change of shifts of employees, depending on their working pattern.
  5. Alerts: The software sends timely alerts and reminders to the parents via email or SMS on behalf of the school administration.
  6. Attendance monitoring: AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS helps the organization with accurate and precise attendance monitoring without any hassle.
  7. Student-friendly: Students can use this software to provide feedback, keep a track of their progress, timetable, and attendance in school.
  8. Biometric Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with external biometric devices to help the educational institutions and offices to keep track of their employees’ attendance and their working hours as well.

Sold By : AAS TechnoSoft

Get AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS support 29 Chatting right now

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AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS Features

AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS automates the entire workflow of an organization by recording the attendance of their staff and eliminating any scope of human error.
The software provides detailed information on the total working strength in an organization. Admins get access to all the information within a single platform.
AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS ensures the maximum utilization of human resources by creating a centralized data repository with a minimal amount of data redundancy,   
Employees get access to their attendance reports, shift-details,etc.
AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS enables its users to track the leaves taken by their employees in an accurate manner with the help of multiple robust tools.
Organizations can efficiently manage the attendance of their employees. This way, it gets easy to manage the payroll process.
The installation of biometric devices automates the process of attendance recording and prevents any form of lag.
The timetable feature enables the students to have real-time information on the upcoming events and activities within their school.
AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS provides detailed reports based on various parameters related to the educational institutions and offices.
The software maintains the marks of the students in a detailed manner, enabling the teachers to keep track of the student’s performance at regular intervals. Also, employees’ attendance and leaves can be tracked against their performance.

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AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS Specifications

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Jul 30 2018

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AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS FAQs

A. Yes, the IVRS system of the software that works as a backup module, helps track attendance even when you are offline.
A. Yes, the employees of any organization can easily place leave applications using this software.
A. Yes, Techjockey will provide an online demo for AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS. You just need to send a demo request and don’t forget to schedule your time and date.
A. Parents can easily get hold of complete information about their child, check student's attendance, class test reports, and communicate with teachers and management using this software.
A. Currently, AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS does not have a mobile app.

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