AAS Technosoft Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

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30,000 Onwards

  • The above price is starting with basic modules and features
  • Each extra module cost is INR 4,999
  • AMC charges will be 20% of solution cost

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HIMS(Hospital Information Management System) from AAS TECHNOSOFT is a versatile and comprehensive full-service various -module hospital resource planning software suite, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of hospital & Research. Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a province-wide initiative designed to improve access to patient information through a central electronic information system with electronic patient records (EPR). HIMSP's goal is to streamline patient information flow and its accessibility to doctors along with other crucial hospital operations such as patient registration, billing, laboratory, administration, doctors and reception. HIMS is multi-module web based application that runs on a shared master database enabling different departments to share information, communicate & co-ordinate with each other. Well-designed and carefully crafted, the application integrates all tasks, functions and activities of the institution across the different functional departments ranging from workforce management, patient monitoring through a common interface and using a common communication language.

Product Features
Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is a comprehensive system that supports all hospitals and clinical and administrative processes with advanced technology features for improved functioning while providing the basis for decision making regarding the patients and hospital management. HIMS is a highly integrated and feature rich solution available with user-friendly interface and interactive dashboard. This feature rich solution also allows the generation of useful customizable reports with just a few clicks. This automated solution also enables transfer of all data with specific medical business segments such as laboratory device management.  hospitals can now manage the patient registration, administration, emergency services, out-patient and in-patient management, blood banks, nursing desks, doctor workbench, PACS requisitions, pharmacy, financial accounting, billing & insurance and help desks from a single platform. Primary key features of HIMS consist of:
  • Centralized Database system and completely database driven
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Customizable, modular structure, with highly secured, user-wise module authentication
  • GUI, graphical reports of MIS and data for top management analysis
  • Single window view to locate all patient details
  • General and standardized health packages for the OPD & IPD patients generated
  • Authentication and verification of entries through audit trail facility
  • Easy query handling and search facility
  • Built-in work flow management for all functional areas
  • Multiple store accounting
  • Interface facility with smart card, bar code, biometric devices and laboratory equipment for data capturing
  • HL7, HIPAA compliance programming; ICD 10 Incorporated
  • Supports multiple branches of hospitals
  • Remote accession of database for instant support 
About The Company
AAS Technosoft Pvt Ltd is a technology focused IT company with a motto to deliver lean and intelligent technology solutions for almost every vertical. The company explores different dimensions of technological advancements in areas like Application Development & Maintenance, Web Design & Development, Content Writing, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Data Entry and many other services. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, AAS Technosoft targets to deliver the best possible software solutions suiting the budget of small and medium businesses.

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