AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System

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About AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System

What is AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System? 

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System is a software specifically designed to aide restaurant managers in their daily operations. The software helps users save time and money effectively. It has an easy to use interface for restaurant owners to navigate through the menu and work efficiently. The restaurant management software allows restauranteurs to manage their assets and direct their businesses to create profitable menus. 

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS is developed with a stable web architecture and XML as the basic medium for data interchange. It allows users to streamline the daily operations for higher output as the employees can directly report their activities from the system.

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS offers features to perform pinpointed marketing promotions to attract more customers to the eateries. The software provides a pre-formulated business system built with policies and procedures that suit the daily operations of a restauranteur.

How does AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS helps in improving the restaurant business? 

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System is designed for complete automation and intelligent working. The software facilitates easy flow of information amongst different employees efficiently. The software instantly sends all the orders from the reception to the kitchen directly. AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS also facilitates online reservations for seats. Despite its simple design, this restaurant management system provides a feature-rich solution for business owners to work with. 

What features does AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS offer?

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS offers a lot of beneficial features, here are a few listed below: 

  1. Barcode generation 
  2. Easy flow of information 
  3. Asset Management 
  4. Seat reservation 
  5. Comprehensive user management
  6. Recipe cost analysis
  7. Menu analysis
  8. Finance modules
  9. Inventory tracking and reporting 
  10. User-based access

Sold By : AAS TechnoSoft

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AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System Features

The software generates barcode for an effective inventory management and billing.
This restaurant management software provides real-time workflow information from the software. 
Restauranteurs can track the usage of their assets and maintain it appropriately to reduce the depreciation.
The restaurant staff can provide the seat booking facility for their customers through this software.
This management software allows business owners to calculate the cost of making a dish for menu pricing.
The software allows business owners and the admin staff to create self-service portals for employees to report their work effectively. 
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS enables restauranteurs to manage the purchase of ingredients and quotations instantly.  
Restaurant owners can create a digitized menu for users to easily select their choice of dish and for employees to instantly generate bills.
This restaurant management software ensures efficient bookkeeping, along with revenue and expense tracker for succinct monitoring of finances.
The software enables efficient inventory management to check the availability and track the usage of perishable goods. i.e., food ingredients.
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS can be deployed for managing a canteen in offices, schools, etc.
This restaurant management software automatically creates the backup for users to restore it at their convenience.
The software offers compatibility with LAN cables for communication with other employees.
Restaurant owners can monitor their sales performance to assess the outreach performance.
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS provides a secure system equipped with a firewall protection.
The software offers detailed analysis of the daily workflows and generates insightful reports to identify the areas to work upon. 
Restauranteurs can integrate this software with third-party applications for seamless working.
The software allows users to store details of their recipes in the software for easy working.
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS enables restaurateurs to create a digitized restaurant seating process for an efficient order handling.   

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AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System Specifications


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AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS- Restaurant Management System FAQs

AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS is a web-based application that can be accessed through an internet browser.
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS provides a customizable billing module that allows users to configure the system in tandem with GST guidelines.
Techjockey provides a demo before purchase for AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
AAS Technosoft Res-mSYS saves all the data on the user’s PC. For communication, it instantly shares the data through the LAN.
This restaurant management software can work without the internet easily.

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