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AgES for Manufacturing is an affordable manufacturing ERP software that help you with easy GST filing and complete automation of e-way bill generation using e-invoices. The product also consolidates the Sales Report and sends immediate alerts for any overdue orders. Hence managing your business activities has become quiet an easy thing with this software solution.



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About Agaram InfoTech

Agaram InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized company that develops software for ERP solutions. They provide unique software to different companies that have the ability to extend cost-effective ERP software development services to gain competitive advantages.  They provide users with optimal enterprise solutions, which addresses users specific needs. Their vision is to elevate the quality of life across humanity despite diversity.
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AgES Manufacturing ERP supports Barcode integration to control all the inventory movements. It is used for automated data capture in to the system and is an important tool for stage wise inventory movements.
The GST enabled manufacturing software streamlines the function of material procurement, and provides effective control through the approval workflow. It ensures the selection of the right supplier for the material with best pricing, Quality and delivery. It gives centralized stock view across the organization, supports FIFO based stock movements which reduces nonmoving stock, and unwanted reorders. It offers effective control on the inward inspection and rejection returns to the supplier.
AgES Sales and distribution module provides the following features - Customer order registration, Scheduling, Deliver note preparation, Invoicing and dispatch, Sales info records management, Customer based sales rate specification / rate modification controlled with effective date and approvals. The module provides automatic fetching of the sales rates in the sales invoice generation. Provides the facility to define additional details and terms & conditions related to the sales order. AgES Sales module validates dispatch of goods against the order and gives alerts for overdue orders.
AgES Manufacturing ERP enables you to efficiently manage and automate all the HR related activities in the company. Our Human resource management system handles all Processes starting from recruitment, joining formalities, attendance, payroll, promotion, transfer, appraisal to the relieving formalities, all of which are automated with a simple and effective user interface.
The e-way bill enabled manufacturing software offers dashboard with vital analytics for your business processes. It provides all information about production, material purchase, quality info and sales information as a graphical presentation. Single click information on monthly consumption and comparison reports, sales forecast for the better follow by the management peoples.

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AgES for Manufacturing


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Below are some frequently asked questions for AgES for Manufacturing

Q. We maintain our BOM in Excel. Does your application offer a better solution?

Maintaining BOM in Excel will work if the No. of products is very few however when as it grows managing an Excel bill of materials becomes much difficult. Our application offers features to define BOM to N-level for the product and supports any number of products. The user can specify the default BOM for a product.

Q. Will the S/W help to reduce the quality inspection time and does it offer easy way to trace quality records?

Our application offers you well defined functions that support Inline, Incoming, Finished goods Inspections, Customer/Field Failures. It also constantly monitors the shelf-life of batches and the deadline for recurring inspections. There are provisions in the application to perform inspections and generate QIR at vendor facilities.

Q. Unable to plan raw material requirement effectively and end up with dead stock in the inventory. What is your solution?

AgES ERP makes possible Just In Time Production as it performs Purchase Plan generation based on customer order. The system also executes FIFO based inward and outward movement of stock. This eliminates unnecessary stocking of materials and dead stock.

Q. Machine breakdowns in our plants end up in huge loss in terms of production time. Does the application handle this?

The application offers well-organized Preventive maintenance schedule and also gives alerts and reminders for the maintenance activities. This helps in considerable reduction of equipment breakdown and downtime. Also provides accurate MTTR & MTBR reports which helps to analyze Machine utility value.


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