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Document Management is the necessity to ensure secured documentation with controlled distribution to the end users. Document Management from Agaram Technologies provides workflow based document approval with revision control. End users are always provided with latest approved version of documents reducing the risk of using obsolete documentation. Search capabilities ensure availability of the required documentation with ease.  Web based solution can be accessed through any browser. This web based solution works with Microsoft Word & Excel that allows all metadata to be stored in central database.

Product Features
Agaram’s Document Management software is a holistic solution for entire document management operations. Designed with web-based technology compatible with cross platforms (Linux or Windows), the solution supports any browser (IE, Firefox…) and client OS (Win, Linux, Mac, and Android). The database agnostic (supports MS_SQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL) is a scalable solution for 1000s of users across globe. The solution provides secured storage and recovery options and allows distribution of approved documentation reducing risk of referring obsolete copies. With improved regulatory compliance and controlled access with ease of search, Document Management allows re-approval, archiving and disposal on time. The eminent software features include:
  • Reduce paper and storage space
  • Secured storage and recovery
  • Distribution of approved documentation reducing risk of referring obsolete copies
  • Secured distribution and instance access to the required documentation
  • Improved Regulatory compliance
  • Controlled access with ease of search
  • Standardization of approval process
  • Re-approval, archiving and disposal on-time
  • Web based solution can be accessed through any browser
  • Works with Microsoft Word & Excel
  • All Meta data stored in central database
About The Company
Agaram Technologies has been involved with laboratories globally in providing a variety of laboratory related services such as laboratory hardware, laboratory instruments, and lab instrument software and served as exclusive implementation partners for Lab Informatics products.  Agaram has pioneered an approach to selling and servicing solutions that is unparalleled in its forthrightness and customer-friendliness. Agaram Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise class Integrated Laboratory informatics software and solutions. Agaram provides integrated software solutions, consulting services, product support and training to laboratories in Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Biotechnology, Chemical, Environmental, Forensics, Contract Research Organization (CRO), Forensics, Agriculture, and Bio-Banking Industry.

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