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Ahead SoftPro Medical Wholesalers & Dealers Management Software (Distributor Edition)

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Medical Wholesalers & Dealers Management Software (dealer Edition) is an ultimate solution to run the business more profitably. This automated solution helps wholesale to manage their sales, purchase and dealers- all from a centralized location. This highly integrated solution provides all processes extensively captured in a single package for efficient operations thereby contributing to high productivity and best in class business performance. The solution offers an array of customizable reports for useful business insights and effective decision making.
Product Features
Medical Wholesalers & Dealers Management Software (dealer Edition) is a barcode enabled software that helps barcode generation to uniquely identify the products and access the product details using barcodes. It is a robust solution that provides extensively automated features for effective management of the wholesale businesses of Medical Wholesalers & Dealers. This solution relieves the users from all administration and management concerns and let them focus on the product and service delivery perfectly. Exclusive dealers management can be enforced through this solution seamlessly. The software supports SMS integration for smooth communication with stakeholders. The software consists of below listed features:
  • Billing: The solution helps in accurate and faster billing. Smart billing features have been integrated with the inventory module that fetches the product details after scanning the product barcode. Bill printing has been enabled within the system. Bulk discounts as pre-defined in the system are auto-considered while billing.
  • Inventory Control: Overall inventory control can be enforced effortlessly. Once the products are defined in the system, stock is auto-updates after each stock transaction. Reorder levels can be defined and the expiry of the products can be tracked instantly.
  • Accounting: All financial accounting operations can be errorless performed with the comprehensive accounting features. This module allows debit & credit notes creation, maintenance of journal, ledger, cash and bank books, bank reconciliation, balance sheet, trial balance, P&L, accounts receivables/ payables and expenses.
  • Purchase: The purchase operations can be flawlessly managed through the interactive interface. Purchase order tracking, supplier management with payment details is enabled in this module. The module expertly deals with the purchase returns.
  • Sales: Overall sales cycle from capturing the order to billing has been simplified with this solution. The intuitive sales features help users to fetch the product prices and details using the barcodes specified on each product and generated auto calculated bills including taxes if applicable. Dealer’s management with all details such as commission etc. is also facilitated in this interactive solution.
  • CRM: Utmost and fruitful dealer associations can be managed through the CRM features in the solution. The software helps effective management of dealers and discounts and deals to be offered.
  • Reports: Intelligent and customizable reports are integral part of the solution that get the analytical data to help in informed decision making. It is quick and easy to generate sales vat, stock, purchase, discounts and other customized reports with just few clicks. 
About The Company
Ahead SoftPro Solutions is a diversified Software development company that gives Software solutions to various business enterprises. Ahead SoftPro Solutions has proven expertise in encompassing low cost, high quality, performance based and reliable software solutions to Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and other service Sectors. Software development is the core area of expertise of Ahead SoftPro since year 2000 serving various industries. Ahead SoftPro is a professionally recognized software development company having huge experience in developing custom software development and application development best match to the business needs and requirements.

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