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Mini ERP is an automated package of all vital tools and processes catering to the business enhancement. This scalable software is quite simple to be deployed and easy to use. The interactive interface provided within the software enables the users to manage all business aspects effortlessly. The solution helps in effectively managing production, inventory, sale, payroll, accounts, documents and many more from a centralized location. The software provides various reports that can be generated based on various filters to get the clear business insights for efficient decision making. The solution is highly integrated and is menu driven for ease of use.
Product Features
Mini ERP is a comprehensive package of all functions embedded with advanced technology bundled for efficient ERP. The software with interactive interface and user friendly features provides unmatchable toolsets to manage production, BOM, billing & invoicing, purchase, documents, payroll, financial accounts, CRM among others. Mini ERP is a cost effective solution to enhance the performance and revenue. Empowered with various reports, software helps users to take effective decisions with analytical data.
Frontend primary packages consist of:
  • Production: All production processes have been automated in this solution. Including procuring raw material, BOM creation and management, the software also facilitates effective production planning and administration of all processes on the go.
  • Purchase: Integrated with production and financial accounts, the software smoothens entire purchase cycle. Purchase orders can be created, suppliers can be managed along with their details and performance, and quotations can be handled long with the final purchase process. Purchase returns can also be handled in this module efficiently. Supplier product supply management has also been simplified in the module.
  • Sale: The entire sale process can be made simple and easy with special sale features offered by the solution. Along with sale collection and stock updation, the module also takes care of sales return and helps in taking relevant action based on the same. Flawless sale order management is facilitated.
  • Inventory Control: Utmost inventory control for raw material and finished Products can be enforced with overall inventory management. The stock can be evaluated along with the levels on hand as well as to be reordered. All stock transactions can automatically upgrade the stock levels within the software.
  • Billing & Invoicing (Excise & VAT): Accurate billing and invoicing has been facilitated in the system. Excise billing and VAT calculations have been automated for error-free processing. Automated service tax billing is one of the advantageous features of this module.
  • Document Management System (Paperless Working): Paperless working can be enforced in the business with automated document management available within the software. All important documents can be stored in the system and can be fetched as when required with just a few clicks.
  • CRM: Customer relationship management features are also available in the solution that help expedite the whole process of sale and help improving the business performance to provide better customer experience.
  • Financial Accounts: In addition to recording the daily transactions, the module allows debit & credit notes generation, maintenance of journal, ledger, cash books, bank books, trial balance, balance sheet, P&L, accounts receivable/payable, reconciliation and other accounting operations seamlessly.
  • Payroll Management: This module allows employee management with capturing of all vital details of employees and their performance. The module helps in pay structuring, pay calculation; attendance management and pay slip generation on the fly.
  • MIS & Reporting: Intuitive MIS and reporting available in the solution helps businesses to get the clear business view and helps in effective decision making.
About The Software
Ahead SoftPro Solutions is a diversified Software development company that gives Software solutions to various business enterprises. Ahead SoftPro Solutions has proven expertise in encompassing low cost, high quality, performance based and reliable software solutions to Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and other service Sectors. Software development is the core area of expertise of Ahead SoftPro since year 2000 serving various industries. Ahead SoftPro is a professionally recognized software development company having huge experience in developing custom software development and application development best match to the business needs and requirements.

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