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About Ahead SoftPro Salon & Spa Management Software

Salon & Spa Management software is an automated bundle of feature facilitating the businesses to focus on the customer service for increased profitability. This solution comes with an easy to use interface and does not require any extensive infrastructure to be deployed. The software is a secure solution that takes care of data protection. The solution consists of various modules incorporating all vital processes such as appointments scheduling, retail billing, purchase, purchase return, sales return, barcode sticker printing, accounting, inventory control, CRM, SMS integration to send bulk promotional SMS to the existing customers, email sending and promotion, stylist/therapist wise sales and commission management, service due reminders etc. including others.



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About Ahead SoftPro

Ahead SoftPro Solutions is a diversified Software development company that gives Software solutions to various business enterprises. Ahead SoftPro Solutions has proven expertise in encompassing low cost, high quality, performance-based and reliable software solutions to Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality and other service Sectors.
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On Premise


Rs. 30000.00 ( Per Year )

  • "Salon & Spa Management software is a scalable solution for overall management of the vital operations in these businesses. The software is comprised of automated processes addressing all essential business functions. The software enables the businesses to efficiently manage POS
  • billing
  • purchase
  • sale
  • inventory
  • financial accounting
  • appointments
  • deals and discounts
  • CRM
  • staff et al. This highly integrated software is a cost-effective solution. Primary features of Salon and Spa Management software include: Maintains Point of Sale (POS) billing and sales. Supports bill printing on A4 half and 3” Inches Receipt. Supports multiple modes of payment such as cash
  • credit card and cheque In-built inventory control system to manage opening stock
  • purchase order
  • purchases
  • purchase return
  • issue stock
  • product sale
  • stock inflow and outflow. Allows effective store and warehouse management including creation
  • tracking
  • printing
  • and e-mailing purchase orders. Users can track all product information
  • including retail and wholesale prices
  • stock count and valuation automatically. Supplier management with payment history enabled Allows all financial accounting functions (Groups
  • Ledgers
  • Payments
  • Receipts
  • Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes
  • Journal
  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Day Book
  • Petty Cash
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet) Masters creation for customers
  • suppliers
  • services
  • products
  • and stylist/therapists Maintenance of customer loyalty schemes Customer Relation Management (CRM) Appointments Scheduling and management Reminder notifications for service due
  • birthday & anniversary
  • and about deals and offers Stylist/Therapist wise sales and commission management MIS and reports to analyse sales
  • stocks
  • purchase
  • stylist/therapist
  • appointments
  • service tax
  • vat sale
  • vat purchase and other sundry and others Supports multiple users with passwords to limit the software access for data protection"


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