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Apptivo is a suite of more than 50+ apps to help small and medium-sized businesses seamlessly run their business on one platform. All applications are seamlessly integrated with one another. The company offer a range of business solutions for any business: Customer Relationship Management Software, Project Management Software, Online Invoicing, Expense Reports Software, Help Desk, Field Service, Purchase Order App



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About Apptivo

When the company initially launched Apptivo in 2009, company mission was to be affordable and easy to use solution for small businesses to collaborate with customers and partners. Company industry-leading solution has grown substantially in this time and so have our clients. Over 150,000 businesses in 194 countries now rely on Apptivo for their CRM Software, Project Management, Invoicing and communication needs. Today, the Apptivo integrated suite of apps is used by businesses of all sizes, ranging from just one user to thousands. As you can see, the company expanded over the years, proving our goal that small businesses are the engine for economic growth.
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Track the complete sales process and close more deals.
Collaborate on tasks, manage timesheets, and log expense reports.
A billing system to send and receive online payments from anywhere.
A powerful ticketing system to deliver stellar customer support.
Mobile expense reporting & simple approval workflow tools.
Generate work orders, dispatch employee, and invoice for the job.
Supply chain management with vendor tracking, purchasing, and inventory.
Capture sales orders, track inventory & shipping, and invoice customers.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 670.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • 3GB/user
  • 1000 Mass Emails/user
  • 2000 API Calls
  • 3rd-Party Services Integration
  • Standard 24/7 Support


Rs. 1675.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • 10GB/user
  • 3000 Emails/user
  • 20000 API Calls
  • 3rd-Party Services Integration
  • Priority 24/7 Support



  • Dedicated Instance
  • 5000 Emails/user
  • White Labeling
  • Custom Integration
  • SLA Support + Account Manage


This video provides an overview of the Apptivo CRM capabilities. If you are looking to manage contacts, track leads, automate your pipeline, and more, then Apptivo is the suite for you. This video covers the complete capabilities of the Apptivo CRM apps, and tells you a little bit about some of the other 65+ Apptivo apps.







Below are some frequently asked questions for Apptivo

Q. What is the difference between Standard and Premium plans?

The Standard Plan includes nearly all of the Apptivo apps and is provided completely free of charge. You can create up to 3 users on Standard, store 500/MB of document attachments, and create unlimited contacts/customers/other data. A lot of powerful features and capabilities needed to run your business are available in this plan. Standard Email support is also included in this plan. In addition to what is available in the Standard Plan, the Premium Plan includes: Features that allow you to interact with customers, vendors, and other businesses. For example, you can accept payment from your customers using Paypal, Google or Authorize.net. You can send emails from within the Apps. Ability to setup a WordPress based Business Website and an Online Store quickly using one of our standard themes. You can integrate these websites with Apptivo CRM, Human Resources and Supply Chain Apps. If your needs are more specific you could also hire any WordPress developer and build a custom website. Additional document storage Priority Email Support & Phone Support Ability to include your logo in your outgoing communication

Q. Can I access Apptivo Apps using my Mobile phone?

Apptivo is accessible through all mobile phones using the mobile browsers.

Q. Is Apptivo compatible with all Browsers?

Apptivo works with FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. We strive hard to keep up with browser releases, but there is generally a lag between a new release of a browser and when Apptivo is certified in that browser.

Q. How do I Create a Custom Left Panel View to filter By Industry?

At times you would want to analyze the information in the customer table for making effective business strategies. This is possible by customizing views. Apptivo Customer App allows the user to Customize views. It allowss you to create a new view by defining the criteria as per your requirement. The custom views created by the user will be listed in the left panel views of customers app. For instance: If the manager want to see the data of the customers, who all are by "Construction" industry. Go through the following steps. Steps to Create a Custom Left Panel Views By Industry Access Customers App Click on “More (...)” -> “Settings” -> “Customize App” -> “Views”. Click on “Customize App” drop down and click on “+” icon beside the “Views”. In create view page, do the following: Title - Provide the title of the view. Description - Description about the View. Privilege - Privilege to the users. List Layout - Select the list layout for custom view. Criteria - Specify criteria to filter the record. Click on “Create” to complete

Q. How to Add or Update Company/Customer Information of the Leads?

A lead is an individual, enterprise or organization who is interested in the services or products that your business offers. A lead can come from any of the marketing activities your business conducted, a referral from a past or current customer or word of mouth. As a small business entrepreneur, you cannot afford to lose out on any of the potential lead. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to enter the complete details of the lead, be it an individual, organization or business, and also follow-up on each of the lead. There are times when initially, you are able to gather only a part of the information of the leads. Once you get more information, you need to update the data of the leads. If you are dealing with a B2B customer, then the contact point can change because he has been transferred and replaced with someone else. Or the contact point would have moved on for a greener pasture. Consider this scenario. One of your potential client is an organization. You have the contact information entered for a specific contact point. Remember, in an organization the contact points can move on or can be replaced by someone else. Suppose, your old contact person has moved out and a new person has been appointed in his place. You have to update the lead information such as the phone number, and email id. Read on to know how to add information to the existing lead. You can create new leads and enter their details using Apptivo Leads App. If you want to update the lead information, that is also possible. Let’s take a brisk walk through the steps. Step to Add or Update Customer/Company Information Log in and access Leads App from universal navigation menu bar. leads Create a new lead or select an existing lead to add the customer information. Click on "Create" button to create a new lead. While you enter the name of a lead, the App auto populates the existing customer record from Customers App. Here you can choose a lead for whom you want to update the record. Else you can create a New Lead entry Here, You can also create a new customer record at a time of lead creation by clicking on the plus icon icon near the customer field. Once you have entered all the required fields, click on "Create" button to create the lead with company information.


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