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AttendHRM - HRMS Software

Sold by : Lenvica Computer Solutions

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About AttendHRM - HRMS Software

World-class HRMS designed for small to large enterprises to efficiently manage your workforce. Must have tool for any company with one or more employees.

  • Manage employee database and view employee profiles with timeline
  • View HR Analytics Reports and HR MIS Charts in real-time
  • Fully Automated Attendance Data import from Time Attendance Devices
  • Generate meaningful information from raw attendance data
  • Communicate with Time Attendance Devices over the internet in real-time
  • Process payroll with 100% accuracy and almost no effort
  • Define your payroll rules once and process payroll for ever
  • Generate Statutory Reports
  • Process payroll and distribute payslips in multiple currencies
  • Manage employee database and view employee profiles with timeline

Sold By : Lenvica Computer Solutions

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AttendHRM - HRMS Software Features

With AttendHRM users can manage their workforce and maintain their staff’s documents, scale their performance and keep track of their work cycle in an effective manner. 
AttendHRM enables its user to process their employee payroll in an accurate manner and send in payslips directly to the employee self-service portal.
The software keeps track of their overtime done by employees in an automated manner and helps users to calculate their month-end salary as well. 
Users can keep track of their employee’s attendance and the leaves taken by them using the wide variety of attendance management tools offered by AttendHRM.
With AttendHRM, users can schedule employee shifts and keep track of their attendance.
The software helps its users evaluate candidates based on their skills and recruit the best talents for their organization.
Users can set up task sheets, assign tasks to individual employees and monitor them at regular intervals.
Users can integrate AttendHRM with biometric devices to record their employee’s attendance in an accurate manner.
With AttendHRM payroll software, users can track and manage the performance of their employees.
Users can generate salary reports in a customized manner and share them via emails.
Users can schedule tasks to different employees and track their progress as per their business needs.
With AttendHRM, users can track and manage their employee loans, bonuses, and advances in an efficient manner.
AttendHRM features a wide variety of payroll management tools, enabling its users to generate payslips for individual employees in an accurate way.
The software sends in payroll, employee performance and attendance related reports to its users via email.
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AttendHRM - HRMS Software Specifications


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AttendHRM - HRMS Software FAQs

The software provides attendance, payroll, employee performance-based reports in an accurate manner.
Yes, users can view the salary history of individual payslips in a detailed manner. They can track the formula used to calculate individual heads as well.
Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo for the Attend HRMS. At your preferred time, you can understand the features of this payroll software.
Users’ system need to have: ? RAM: Minimum of 256 MB RAM ? Processor: Intel Pentium III or higher processor ? Hard Disk: Minimum 40 MB out of the total hard disk space
No, AttendHRM does not have a dedicated mobile application as of now.

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