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Inventor LT

by : Autodesk

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Inventor LT

by : Autodesk

Starting Price ₹28000/year
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Brand: Autodesk

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Inventor LT Software Overview


What is Autodesk Inventor LT?

Autodesk Inventor LT is modelling software that helps users by introducing 3D mechanical CAD in their 2D workflows. The CAD software enables users to expand their engineering process by offering them powerful and part-level parametric modelling tools. Autodesk Inventor LT efficiently collaborates with any via online, allowing the users to work within large teams. 

This application allows anyone within the organisation to review and comment on the shared views within the Autodesk viewer. Further, with Autodesk Inventor LT, users are able to create multiCAD interoperability and industry-standard DWG drawings. The software also supports a variety of languages from across the globe.

What type of editing tools and commands are included within free-form tools?

The free-form tools within Autodesk Inventor LT have the following editing tools and commands:

  1. Freeform Ribbon- It is a tab which gets activated when a user starts any freeform command. It provides full access to a freeform environment. Work features that are added to the freeform ribbon are created in the freeform environment.
  2. Edit Form- It is a dialogue box containing options like extrude, reset, and soft modification.
  3. Freeform Plane- It is a command that can be used to create a planar sheet body and manipulate faces.
  4. Freeform Cylinder- This command allows users to create closed or open cylinder bodies.
  5. Freeform Face- The command is used to create a 3D sheet body.
  6. Delete Command- It can be used as an alternative to delete keys. Users can also use this command to delete one or more faces from a freeform shape.

Pricing of Autodesk Inventor LT

Autodesk Inventor LT charges Rs. 28,000/- for 1 year. If you are interested in using the software, you can send us a callback request.

The Latest Version of Autodesk Inventor LT

The latest version of Autodesk Inventor LT was launched recently in 2020.

  1. Enhanced users interface- Users now get to work with a new user interface. The latest version of Autodesk Inventor LT offers new property panels to streamline workflows and reduce clicks.
  2. Design enhancements- The software has some new functionalities for your core design commands in sketching and part modelling.
  3. Enhanced Frame Generators- Designing frames have become more productive with new features, default naming conventions and advanced editing tools.
  4. Translation and Interoperability- Users can now find additional supported file types for any CAD file. They can also watch how generative designs help in exploring design alternatives.

Compatible Platforms of Autodesk Inventor LT

Autodesk Inventor LT is compatible with Windows versions. For Mac OS versions, the system must have a boot camp support.

What are the benefits of using Autodesk Inventor LT?

The benefits of using Autodesk Inventor LT are -

  1. Powerful 3D tools- The software offers powerful part-level parametric modelling tools that enable users to develop 3D models at a faster pace. Users can also preview the complex parts while designing them, thus crossing out any chances of costly errors. The software helps users generate photorealistic renderings of 3D models enabling them to communicate with customers and other stakeholders, thus reducing reworks.
  2. Hassle-free sharing process- Autodesk Inventor LT allows users to import, create, modify and share 2D and 3D designs with their clients and suppliers in regular file formats. This reduces the extra cost of using file translation software.
  3. Leverage existing 2D designs- With Autodesk Inventor LT, users can continue working on their existing 2D files. It offers a seamless DWG interoperability and 3D working environment to the user.
  4. Compatibility- Autodesk Inventor LT ensures that all the designs generated by the users are fully compatible with the Autodesk Inventor family.

Inventor LT Features

  • Integration & Automation Autodesk Inventor LT automatically integrates the 2D designs created by its users within its 3D working environment.
  • Interoperability With this software, users can save a group of settings as configurations to import AutoCAD files. You can also export Autodesk
  • Visualizations Autodesk Inventor LT allows users to visualize and verify created designs in 3D, before going forward to build physical

Inventor LT Plans & Pricing

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Inventor LT Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Media House
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Daljeet Kaur
09, Jan 2019
star star star star star 5/ 5
User friendly software
This user friendly software allows users to design and create 3D models without the need to be an expert or the need to receive an extensive training. Great for parts and components, and not pricey.
anmol sharma
15, May 2018
star star star star star 5/ 5
fast outcomes
They were very helpful and professional. They responded right away after I contacted them via their website. Had access to many software packages I had never heard of! Already had a demo with one of their recommendations and that was also handled very well. Would use them again.
narendra bisen
08, May 2018
star star star star star 4/ 5
Great Site to Begin the Process!
Had a great experience. Our service agent was very knowledgeable and wanted to now how to help our organization. It was wonderful and would use again if we have a need!

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Inventor LT FAQ

Q. Does Autodesk Inventor LT allow users to add model-based definitions? arrow

A. With Autodesk Inventor LT, users can easily add information along with model designs.

Q. How do the free-form tools of Autodesk Inventor LT help the users? arrow

A. The free-form tools and flexible modelling designs offered by the software help users create visually compelling designs with ease.

Q. Can I get a demo of Autodesk Inventor LT? arrow

A. Yes, Techjockey provides a demo for Autodesk Inventor LT. You can send us a demo request at your preferred time.

Q. What are the system requirements for installing Autodesk Inventor LT? arrow

A. ? RAM: 12 GB or more. ? Processor: 3.0 GHz or greater. ? Disk Space: 15 GB required for software installation. ? Graphics: 4 GB GPU along with 106GB/S Bandwidth, DirectX 11 Compliant.

Q. Does Autodesk Inventor LT have a mobile application? arrow

A. As of now, there is no mobile app for Autodesk Inventor LT.

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