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About Autodesk Mudbox

What is Autodesk Mudbox?

Autodesk Mudbox is a computer-based designing tool that allows users to do 3D sculpting and painting. It is basically used to create primary shapes and skeleton structure for the core modeling program. It provides rich features and smooth integration with other related software. Autodesk Mudbox provides users with tools that allow them to create highly detailed characters, scenes, and environments. Moreover, the user can easily create meshes from scanned, imported, or sculpted data.

How can users make a realistic 3D sculpture using Autodesk Mudbox?

This 3D digital sculpting and painting application offers an intuitive and tactile set of digital tools that enable users to make realistic 3D sculptures. You can even paint 3D models and work on texture using different tools. Autodesk Mudbox provides texture baking and brush-based workflows for creating effective textures and polygonal shapes. Moreover, you can add a resolution to the model using dynamic tessellation. The software also has an import feature for sculpted data that helps users import basic mesh created in other software.

Latest Version of Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk Mudbox 2020 is the latest version, which has the following features:

  1. Brush Paint: The software has smooth brush-based painting tools that enable users to create highly detailed 3D models.
  2. Import of sculpted data: The software has introduced advanced retopology tools that allow users to import meshes by scanning or importing sculpted data.
  3. Texture baking: It enables you to bake normal and displacement textures. Moreover, it offers ambient occlusion maps.
  4. Dynamic tessellation system: The software enables the user to add resolution to the models through this feature.
  5. Linkage to Flame: The latest version also helps link data to Autodesk Flame.

Pricing of Autodesk Mudbox

The software charges -

  1. Monthly: Rs. 763.20/-
  2. 1 year: Rs. 6487.20/-
  3. 3 years: Rs. 17553.60/-

If you are interested in Autodesk Mudbox, you can send us a callback request.

What are the benefits of using Autodesk Mudbox?

  1. Subdivision of model: Unlike traditional polygon 3D workflow, the software allows users to divide the model into sub-parts. Thus, it can produce a highly detailed 3D model.
  2. Importing sculpted data; The user may create low polygon mesh in a simpler software and then import it in Autodesk Mudbox for detailing.
  3. Increasing polycount: The software allows users to increase the polycount in a model to use it for creating real-life models.
  4. Texture baking: The software allows users to use texture for improving the quality of the models.
  5. Easy control: The software is simple to use and you can easily control all the tools to create the model.

Compatible Platforms of Autodesk Mudbox

The operating systems with which the software is compatible are:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 version 1607 or higher operating system
  2. Apple Mac OS X 10.13.x, 10.14.x, 10.15.x operating system
  3. Linux Red Hat Enterprise 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 WS operating system
  4. Linux CentOS 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 operating system

Sold By : Autodesk

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Autodesk Mudbox Features

The software enables its users to move models from other software to Autodesk Mudbox easily.
With this software, you can use texture baking for creating more realistic models. With this feature, you can bake normal, displacement, as well as, AO (ambient occlusion) maps with ease.
Autodesk Mudbox allows the import and export of mesh structures, Ptex and multi-tile UV textures.
The software provides brush tools similar to real-life tools to create realistic models. Users can even have access to brush-based workflows for creating textures and polygons.
The software has non-destructive workflows, which allow users to modify images. You can even paint on 3D models directly across various channels.
It enables users to design 3D sculpture models by using various intuitive tools. Users can even create and edit blend shapes, and even make any model symmetrical.

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Autodesk Mudbox Specifications

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Autodesk Mudbox FAQs

Autodesk Mudbox, along with the integration of other software, can be used for creating 3D models. But it might be difficult to use it as a stand-alone software for designing a model.
The advanced retopology tools of Autodesk Mudbox enable users to create clean and production-ready meshes from imported, scanned or sculpted data. The software analyses how the surface features are flowing to define the direction, placement of the edges and the distribution in resulting mesh. To use this feature, you need to Select Mesh > Retopologize > New Operation.
Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo of Autodesk Mudbox. You simply need to send us a demo request mentioning your preferable time and date.
Autodesk Mudbox is a web-based software and has the following system requirements: ? Hardware: Desktop, laptop and compatible OS. ? Browser: Apple® Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
No, Autodesk Mudbox does not have a mobile app.

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