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About Azimio

Azimio is a complete, scalable and smart subscription billing management system. It will silently and smartly interface with your business to handle all aspects of your subscription billing management. Because we believe in deep, persistent service, Azimio is built to deliver a solid and reliable web-based service in a simple self-service mode or using the API model to suit any business operation. We have you covered free of charge.



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The mission of Telania, LLC is to provide software solutions that help businesses and nonprofits improve efficiency and productivity. They strive to do this with the highest levels of professionalism, customer service, and cost effectiveness. A privately-held company based in Louisville, Kentucky, Telania, LLC was founded by Ghana native Don Weobong, who created the company’s premier product eLeaP as a graduate student working on his thesis. Originally founded as DriverPack, Weobong incorporated in 2002 as Telania, LLC, named after his ancestral village in Ghana. Don volunteers, mentors and sits on the boards of several organizations in Louisville, Kentucky such as COPES, Inc., and Association For Talent Management (ATD)
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Azimio exists to simplify your recurring billing needs and to help you streamline your subscription management. Azimio provides you the tools and resources you need to succeed. The Azimio system easily allows your organization to manage your Subscription or Recurring Revenue Models by simplifying the manner in which you create and maintain your Catalogs, Customers and Subscription Billing processes. Azimio helps you perform all of these critical tasks with ease, peace of mind and automation.

Projects are the backbone of the Azimio system and are an internal representation of your Products. You can add as many Projects as you like to Azimio. Each Project that you create comes with a unique and secure URL that is generated for you automatically at the same time that you create a Project.

The Azimio Dashboard is a model of efficiency and beauty. Your Dashboard displays a quick overview of your account. It shows you the Invoices Due, Invoices Pending, Payments Today, Metrics and Analysis and Expiring Products, as well as automatically generating a visual chart that shows your account in a snapshot view.

You simply have unlimited products and plans in Azimio. You can even include basic pricing plans or the most elaborate and complex rate plans. Do you need to track specific units of measure for your billing purposes? Then use the Tracked Items feature to easily set up which units of measure the system should use for calculating billing for your billing various periods.

Categories allow you to group similar Products and Tracked Items for easy management and you can create as many as you need. Each Category that you create will represent a separate listing on your Customer Interface and Subscription Signup page. Categories are displayed on both your Customer Interface and Subscription Signup pages.

Customers can be added to Azimio in two ways: via your Subscription page or by importing your existing Customer base into the system. Using your Subscription page, after a Customer completes a Subscription form they will be redirected to their own URL, where they can see all of the details of their Subscription, including Invoices and any Payments made. Customers can also process payment on their Subscription Login page. This will help Customers manage their Subscriptions without the need to register for an account. Another powerful Azimio feature allows you to import your Customer database via a simple CSV file upload.

The Self-service page link allows you to send the Customer a link their Azimio Self-service page via Email so that they can sign up for Subscriptions and make Payments on them if they don’t already have a Payment Profile established within the system.

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Below are some frequently asked questions for Azimio

Q. What exactly does Azimio do?

Azimio enables any organization or business to easily receive recurring payments. What are recurring payments? Think about magazine subscriptions or your Netflix account. You typically pay these vendors on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis right? Well Azimio helps your business become a recurring revenue cash business. You simply create your subscription plans, activate your signup page or integrate into your application or website and start collecting monthly, quaterly or yearly payments.

Q. Do you need a website to use Azimio?

No. You will get a custom website when you signup for Azimio. However if you want to add Azimio to your existing website, you can. Its easy with our API and HTML tools.

Q. Q3: Is Azimio only for software companies or web-based businesses?

Definitely not. You can turn any business into a recurring revenue business. As a matter of fact, check out this video by our president sharing how you can increase revenues by considering a subscription model for your business. Ask us how your business might benefit from a system like Azimio. We will be happy to share - Free of course.

Q. Q5: What happens should you need assistance?

You can access support 24/7. Reach us via phone 877-624-7226 ext 5, email us Support is free.


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