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Marking manually by teachers in their respective classrooms which is a manual and time-consuming process is prone to errors. School Management is a more efficient process of pick up/drops for their child and gives continuous assurance that their child has reached the school on time.


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Bring AIDC technologies in the roots of Indian trade & industry. Reach at epitome of AIDC industry and play important role in growth of trade & industry, by providing state of the art automation solutions. As AIDC technologies are new to our country and normally prospects are not aware about it, so do not earn out of ignorance of the client and provide them with value for many solutions. The promoter was working with India’s first AIDC company & got the opportunity to travel around the globe & bring latest of AIDC technology to the country. But he started feeling that he could do better as an independent company. That is when, he thought of being on his own and started the venture in the year 1992.
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Features of Best Barcode School management

  • We provide rfid chip enabled ID badge to student, which carries all vital information of child in text as well as in electronic format, which can be scanned using RFID reader later.
  • When child boards school bus with rfid enabled ID badge on, an antena or reader already installed in bus scans the id of child and sends an SMS to the mobile phone of parent, registered with school.

Even teachers along with the would be provided with rfid enabled id cards. When they enter and exit, their cards gets scanned automatically and date & time is recorded into the system. This data would be utilized later for attendance & pay calculations.

Provides GPS enabled system to meet govt needs.

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  • Monitor child movement through timings of sms
  • Can take curing step
  • if sms not received in time
  • Increased trust on school
  • Security of child means increased trust of parents
  • Provides GPS enabled system to meet govt needs

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Faruk Chowdhury

24*7 support


4th February, 2019

Ease of Feature

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Value for money

Customer Service

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  • There is live help all day, every day accessible to the clients It is effectively coordinated with most programming stages, for example, Android, Windows Financially savvy
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economical & quick


31st May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

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  • The person who assisted me in finding software for my client was kind and very helpful. He took into consideration everything that I told him we were looking for, and he didn't try to sell us on products we didn't need. I would recommend Techjockey to others who need help finding software solutions.
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