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Education management system (EMS) from Bigdbiz is an integrated solution for overall management of all operations and processes pertaining to staff administration, parent, transport, and library management. EMS with innovative approach and user friendly interface, allows  educational institutions to enhance productivity of each department and process effortlessly. The software solution has been developed with technology expertise anticipating the best practices and management insights. EMS incorporates the automation solution for office accounting, HRM, exam schedules, timetable management etc. Powerful reporting features makes the software more sought for enhanced business analysis.

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About Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited

Bigdbiz is an IT company providing end to end solutions for web application development, web application integration, ecommerce services, BPO Service and solutions catering to the requirements of global business enterprise. Along with developing state of the art software solutions with advanced technology including .Net (C# and VB .Net, Silverlight), Java, J2EE and Open Source, Microsoft SharePoint, Content Management Server, PHP, Flex, Cold Fusion, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, MySQL, etc.

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 Accounting & Taxation

This module helps in effective management of student fees management, expense management and staff salary expenses. It allows in capturing and updating accounting journals and provides a crystal clear view for effortless accounts monitoring and control.

HRM interactive module includes automated processing of staff check in/out, staff master details, salary/payroll management, staff timetable management and leave management

Timetable assignment to entire teaching staff and managing the timetables effectively can be done effortlessly using this module.

In detail: Manages the books type and name details here, Records the students check in check out details, Book Issue and returned details. This helps to track book and students details. Modules covering: Book type master: Records the type of books dealing with the library at campus. Book details: Records the book details available at the library. Book Issue: Records the details of book issued to the student with the issue history. Book Return: Records the details of the book returned by the student with any ‘fine’ amt received. Today Entry: Allows students to check in /out from library. Entry History: Displays full history of student check in/out details from library.

The ultimate transport management including the vehicle details, route details, students commuting to and from each route, stoppages, transport fee etc. can be recorded and tracked effectively to monitor the operations of transport

The software has been empowered with reports feature that generates crystal clear reports of all the departments and operations including students, parents, non-teaching staff, teaching staff, library, transportation, fee etc. The reports can also be exported to MS-Excel so as to be referred later for effective analysis.

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₹ 45000.00

  • Office Accounting
  • HRM
  • Online/Offline Exam Scheduler
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Timetable Management
  • Library Management
  • Campus Transport Management
  • Reports


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