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Hotel/Restaurant/Bakery Server ERP from Bigdbiz is leading software solution enabling users to manage all functions in hotels, restaurants, and bakeries including production, sale, purchase, stock, billing, employee details and maintaining accounts. The software has been developed using recent technology considering best practices. The software enhances the performance and productivity of all departments thereby increasing business profitability. Various modules in the software allow users to administer all operations efficiently and timelessly.



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About Bigdbiz Solutions Private Limited

Bigdbiz is an IT company providing end to end solutions for web application development, web application integration, ecommerce services, BPO Service and solutions catering to the requirements of global business enterprise. Along with developing state of the art software solutions with advanced technology including .Net (C# and VB .Net, Silverlight), Java, J2EE and Open Source, Microsoft SharePoint, Content Management Server, PHP, Flex, Cold Fusion, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, MySQL, etc.

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₹ 75000.00

  • TestHRM: The in-built HRM (Human Resource Management) system allows the enterprises to handle all HR and payroll operation efficiently. This module allows maintaining records of attendance
  • leaves
  • task assigned
  • and voucher management. Recipe: Recipe management with track over consumption across different menu items can be re-inforced effectively. Forecasting and demand planning down-to-the-minute
  • production planning and scheduling
  • shelf-life and seasonality management
  • production based on sales quantity
  • consumptions
  • closing balance etc. can be accessed and tracked using this module. CRM: This module enables complete customer relationship management thereby allowing users to focus on other important business aspects. All essential details including customers
  • suppliers
  • and dealers can be recorded in the centralized data store. The module helps maintain product and category details and generating vital reports for complete business analysis. Inventory: Inventory operations including daily stock request
  • good received notes
  • sales
  • sales return
  • stock conversion
  • location wise stock request
  • inter-location stock transfer etc. can be administered effortlessly through the Inventory module. Delivery & Order: Increased order taking capability
  • order specific details maintenance
  • and managing the orders flawlessly is the main objective of this module. Financial Accounting: This module helps in business budgeting
  • cash flow and fund flow analysis
  • managing the receivables and payables
  • allows daily transaction reporting
  • and tracking wastage/date barred accounts. Production: The production module helps generating the current production report and record the essential details such as stock requests from store/shop
  • transfers or dispatches of products to the store
  • wastage and damages
  • etc. Multi Store: This module helps in consolidating the data from various branches into a single report and perform integrated analysis of sales
  • inventory and purchase. The module supports in controlling expenses
  • decreasing costs and boosting revenues. Back Office/Inventory: For efficient inventory management
  • the Back Office/Inventory module enables to record the opening stock
  • purchase entries
  • stock entries
  • issued stock
  • stock adjustment
  • closing stock report and fix reorder level for the items. External Device Integration: POS printers
  • laser printers
  • touch screens
  • barcode printers
  • scanners etc. can be integrated with the software. The responsive layout lets admin view the current status in mobile
  • tablet
  • desktop
  • laptop etc.


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