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Bigdbiz optical management software has been designed for opticians running individual store or retail chains. It helps them in managing different verticals of their business. You can manage the stock of sunglasses, frames, contact lens, and lens solution easily. Barcode can be generated for quick identification of product and billing. Its CRM feature lets you maintain a strong bond with customers via email and SMS. Its feedback module has been designed in a manner that the owner directly receives customer feedback.



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About Bigdbiz

Bigdbiz is an IT company providing end to end solutions for web application development, web application integration, ecommerce services, BPO Service and solutions catering to the requirements of global business enterprise. Along with developing state of the art software solutions with advanced technology including .Net (C# and VB .Net, Silverlight), Java, J2EE and Open Source, Microsoft SharePoint, Content Management Server, PHP, Flex, Cold Fusion, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, MySQL, etc.
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Generate reports and explore data to extract meaningful insights to know business performance.

You can manage your employees, their tasks, salary, personal information, etc using this module.

The inventory management module will ensure there isn't a low stock situation.

You can track returned, damaged and expired products using return tracking module.

You can give the option of feedback to your customers, which the owner directly receives.

It facilitates efficient management of company accounts.

Generate invoices automatically, customize invoices, and send them to customers in no time.

You can manage customer details including their name, date of birth, contact number, prescriptions and previous purchases.

Manage supplier details including name, mobile number, purchases made, etc.

Optical stock consists of frames, sunglasses, lens, contact lens, and contact lens solutions, and you can manage them all using stock management module.

Barcode sticker can be customized and each product can be barcoded uniquely to identify brand, type, price, etc easily.

Database consisting of employee information, stock details, vendor records, etc can be managed efficiently.

Plans and Pricing


Bigdbiz Optical Store Mnagement

Rs. 300000.00 ( Per User )

  • Store information of all products.
  • Handling employee information.
  • Easy search for products.
  • User friendly.
  • Transfer stock to other branch
  • Tracks Damaged/DateExpired/Returned Products.
  • Feedback directly reaching the owner.
  • Handling stock information of each branch
  • Easy account maintenance.
  • No data interruption during internet failure
  • Customer Management
  • Billing
  • Automatic Eye testing
  • Supplier/ Vendor Management
  • Stock management
  • Lens stock management
  • Contact lens Management & its inventory
  • Barcode Generation
  • Sales offer
  • Multi Location Support
  • Data Security
  • Database backup
  • Physical stock checking


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Bigdbiz Optical Management System

Q. Can I manage all branches of my optical showroom using one software?

Yes. You can do this with the help of multi-location support feature of the system.

Q. Does Bigdbiz optical management software ensure data security?

Admin can give role-based access to users and each user has a unique login ID and password to the system.


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