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Brainpower Intelligence helps the organizations to unlock the business value from mountains of data, transactions, interactions captured in the eco system of the business environment. Brainpower BI offers comprehensive intelligence and analytics services as cost-effective solution. It provides a foundation for building various insights from the available data, assists to analyze the business impact that may help the organizations to make more insightful business decisions and accordingly take the actions instantly.

Product Features

Brainpower BI is a futuristic software solution that assists in creating a business environment with enhanced operation and financial performance. Various ultra-modern features help organizations to define, manage and monitor their strategies, enhance profitability and cost management. The user friendly interface offers the following features:
  • Streamlining budgeting, planning & forecasting cycles: this smart new generation software solution helps streamlining the budgets of the companies and assist in planning and forecasting the business processes effectively
  • Condense financial consolidation and reporting cycles: the solution enables various business processes to be condensed with various finance functions. Also, customizable reports can be generated as per the requirement for better analysis.
  • Building MIS and Dashboards: For periodic monitoring of business issues related to customers, inventory, demand, supply and others, the MIS and dashboard solutions have been integrated.
  • Monitoring governance, risk and statutory compliances: The organizations can effectively monitor the governance; analyze the associated risks and statutory compliances for better decision making contributing to the business growth expansion.
  • Transforming information into actionable intelligence: Crucial information defined in the system can be effortlessly be used and transformed into actionable intelligence.

About The Company
Brainpower provides integrated solutions enabling the enterprises to serve their customers better, simplify business operations, and implement best industry practices with insightful business analytics & reporting. Brainpower products can connect multiple outlets, warehouses, central production units and corporate office through a private cloud based solution. Brainpower solutions are available as ‘on premise’ as well ‘subscription based’ solutions. Dedicated servers at their datacenters are used for their very own cloud based ERP, cloud sync & remote back-up services.

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