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C-Zentrix’s customer engagement solution has been designed specifically with the purpose of providing highly scalable clustered customer engagement solution with high availability (HA) and load balancing as the key functionalities. The solution is scalable up to 1000 + concurrent agents with multi-channel facility of voice, chat, email, SMS and social media interface for a complete customer engagement experience. The high availability of the solution makes it a perfect fit for critical call centre operations like banking, emergency services, telecom, etc. The solution is meant for large enterprises and BPO`s.

Product Features
  • Telephony Features - The telephony module provides you with interactive voice response system, with option for self-service IVR. Automatic call distributor with skill based routing, sticky agents, call forwarding etc. In built gateway/integration with gateways like voice, IPBX, GSM etc. Dialling modes progressive, preview & predictive. Enables voice logger with 100% call recording with live call barge facility. Provides MIS reporting through advanced real time reporting and historical reports.
  • Self-service IVR - Self-service IVR for customers so they can enter ID and get more info on IVR itself.
  • Skill based routing - Skill set of agents can be defined. Calls will get routed according to skill set, weightage of skill & priority.
  • IVR Scripter - Advanced XML based IVR creator with text to speech and speech recognition facility. Also, available in admin UI with IVR sound file upload and time rules.
  • CRM Scripter - Advanced script based campaign wise customizable customer relationship management. Default basic agent pop-up. Also, available in admin UI with options to add, delete, edit fields with field input restrictions.
  • Teleconferencing - Agents can conference calls in various ways and can have conference with another agent, can conference with agent from other department and conference with 3rd party number.
  • CZ bar - It is a bar integrated over the customer relationship management pages with the same functionalities of a dialler. A login page is there where the agents enter his/her login credentials. Preview, progressive and predictive all modes of dialling modes are available. A button for going on break is there with respective dispositions such as Tea, Lunch, etc. Call can be put in a conference mode and hold also.
  • Reports - C-Zentrix’s contact centre engagement system comes with advanced reporting features like, ACD reports, IVR reports, CRM reports, Skills reports and other reports which includes IPBX report, conference report, lead integration report, penetration report and IVR feedback report.
  • Trixchat - TrixChat helps your customers to reach out to you 24*7. TrixChat assures that the queries of the customers are heard irrespective of the day, date or time. TrixChat acts as a convenient measure to communicate thereby helping customers return to the website more often.
  • Some additional Features - Email mailboxes and SMS gateways can be integrated, lead source integration, C-Zentrix has been integrated over multiple channels, C-Zentrix has been integrated with various CRM’s, Quality module which includes Customer survey module, Screen and voice logger, telephony value add-ons like robo call, missed call, click to call, magic call, C-Zentrix ticketing customer relationship management.

About the Company
C-Zentrix is the flagship product of Towards Vision Technologies Private Limited (TVT). Incorporated in the year 2002. TVT is amongst the leading software product companies of the world providing contact center software and enterprise level software for voice and data applications .C-Zentrix was developed with a vision of creating next-generation, simplified call centre technology solution  by offering customer engagement center to enable better communication and 360° experience for the end customer. C-Zentrix's single box solution is unique one box customer engagement solution in the world for over 150 concurrent agents. C-Zentrix wishes to help organizations across industries to set up and manage their personalized customer engagement center hassle at free low cost and high efficiency.

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