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CallFinder includes all of the necessary analytics reporting elements needed to help your call center reach established performance goals and turn your recorded calls into valuable assets. With a full suite of call center reporting software tools, from call metrics to automated call monitoring solutions and scorecards, CallFinder will provide your business with the necessary data to make informed, strategic business decisions?



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About CallFinder

CallFinder® is a market-leading provider of cloud-based speech analytics technology that is powerful, affordable, and easy to use. It enables small and medium size businesses to improve agent performance, automate quality monitoring, and provide a superior customer experience. We deliver our highly scalable technology across a wide range of industries including retail & wholesale, healthcare, travel, finance and banking, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, education, and more. CallFinder indexes and categorizes 100% of your customer-agent interactions in near real-time, transforming the unstructured, unleveraged data contained within conversations into actionable business intelligence so you can improve agent performance and positively impact the customer experience.
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With CallFinder automated call center reporting software, you’ll have access to powerful call analytics such as: Caller addresses and demographics. First-time callers. Repeat callers. Unique callers. Hourly, Daily and Weekly call metrics. You can also monitor missed calls to help identify scheduling challenges that need to be addressed to ensure your call center is appropriately staffed in order to avoid long hold times and calls that go unanswered. Receive Automated Reports to Keep You Informed, in Real-time. Use CallFinder’s automated call center reporting feature to: Receive top-line search statistics such as number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase. Schedule daily reports for an unlimited number of contacts of CallFinder search performance to track trends. Set up email of statistical reports. Easily share these customer insights with the relevant business units within your company so that actions can be implemented on department levels to achieve business goals. Translate Calls into Clear, Actionable Data. Knowing which phone call analytics to focus your attention on can be a crucial factor in understanding customer actions such as when they are most likely to call, how many unique callers versus repeat callers you have, and which marketing programs are driving the most inquiries. Utilizing a comprehensive call analysis solution, complete with automated reporting, will provide detailed reports to make it easy to analyze customer actions by pulling all of your data together in one place. A robust customer intelligence-gathering strategy that combines call analytics, call recording and speech analytics is one that helps businesses improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, improve the bottom line, close knowledge gaps, and play a key role in keeping a company growing.
Sort, Tag, & Categorize Agent-Customer Interactions. Call categorization is a critical piece of indexing and analyzing the thousands of conversations taking place between your employees and your customers every day.With automatic categorization of conversations using customized key phrases for your business, you can easily access, review, and analyze calls to obtain business insights, identify conversation patterns and trends, and make strategic decisions to move your business forward. CallFinder’s call categorization algorithm is more accurate than manual call categorization, and certainlymore efficient, eliminating hours of manual reviewing and reporting of call metrics.
With call scoring from CallFinder, you’ll have access to the best, most insightful call scoring metrics available. You’ll also be able to improve your agents’ performance with near real-time call review and automated scorecard reports. CallFinder enables you to develop and implement a reliable process for call scoring seamlessly. With our cloud-based technology, you can easily record and examine conversations to gain more knowledge about your clients and prospects, identify new revenue opportunities, uncover areas where you can save money, manage script compliance and improve the coaching and training you provide for your call agents.
CallFinder’s user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your call analytics, displaying direct access to your searches, search results, and the keywords and phrases that define your searches. You will also have access to a variety of search filters available to further drill into the call tracking analytics to discover trends in your customer conversations. Building a new search is quick and simple. Once you have defined your objectives and know what specific call analytics you want to capture, it only takes minutes to begin collecting real time, automated call analytics
CallFinder solutions have been developed to provide out of the box value for businesses that want to improve agent performance and the customer experience. We understand that to compete, you must optimize your unique business processes to drive revenue and reduce operational costs. That’s why we have designed our solutions to easily be customized to meet your business requirements. We design our solutions with people, the users, in mind so you and your team are empowered with technology, regardless if your team is made up of tech-savvy users, or technology reluctant users, or a combination of both.

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CallFinder is a market-leading provider of cloud-based speech analytics that is powerful, affordable, and easy for small to medium size businesses to improve agent performance and customer experiences. Gain visibility into the voice of your customers Monitor agent script and regulatory compliance Enhance workforce training Manage quality monitoring Analyze and improve business processes Discover revenue opportunities We deliver our highly scalable technology across a wide range of industries including retail & wholesale, catalogers, finance and banking, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, and more. All CallFinder clients are supported by MyAnalyst, a service that dedicates a speech analytics specialist to ensure that businesses optimize the value delivered with CallFinder.


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