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150 /user/month

  • Minimum of 1000 users are required for annual billing

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ChatOnGo is an enterprise social network tool that helps in employee’s engagement & team collaboration. The offered solution for business is the best way to communicate inside business organisation. The corporate chat app lets you do more than any other chat app in the market. The perfect solution to organisational communication problems.

Product Feature
The integrated solution contains ChatOnGo’s date filters and categories allows to browse through all the organization data to find what is required to succeed. With their groups and smart message privacy settings, the data remains secure and visible only to those whom they need it to be. Unlike other messaging apps user don’t get distracted with personal messages as ChatOnGo is purely for business. With in-premise cloud not only is ChatOnGo scalable with the organization but also keeps your data private and secure.

Key Feature - Download & start immediately, unlimited groups, unlimited people per group, smart messages, Content management, Task management
  • Intercom Groups - Lets you share and collect information within a group making it easier for the relevant information to reach the most relevant eyes. The groups are completely secure. The group vanishes for a person from the app when he/she is removed. All while your information remains safe. So, there is no threat to your privacy and a guarantee of efficient information flow. Finally, we ensure that this app will get you your money’s worth.
  • Smart message - From maintenance issues to the ambience of the hotel, you can collect data to realise the need to improve on different aspects. And you can schedule them daily instead of posting them again and again. Just one feature making your life easier by making the task of monitoring the business spread in various cities a cakewalk.
  • Search & filters - Search and Filter feature will definitely make you more efficient as you will get the information you are looking for. When you get information on time, you finish your tasks on time. Doing so, you will get way more time to yourself than you do now. So, subscribe to ChatOnGo for business and save time because time is money.
  • Instant Reports - It will allow you to get data from as back as to the origin of the scheduled message.  Also, this will allow you to identify the pain points. Hence, allowing you to focus on improving certain problem areas.
  • Privacy Control - ChatOnGo for business was tailored to prevent information leakages (as much as possible). You leave no leeway for information leakages when you subscribe to this secure business chat app. This subscription based platform for corporates is worth every penny you pay for it.
  • Task Management - When your life is clutter free, you get more time for yourself. In that case, you get time to spend with your loved ones. All of this; a consequence of one smart decision, i.e., subscribing to this amazing enterprise social network. ChatOnGo is the best team collaboration tool you can get in the market that gives you your money’s worth.
  • Newsfeed - Bid adieu to the days when you missed out on important information because ChatOnGo is here for the rescue. Because we are here to make business communication flawless.

About the Company
ChatOnGo is an online IM service, which is available as a website and an android app, for people to converse with each other. ChatOnGo is used for multiple purposes, including business, anime, roleplaying, and other topics. It is free to make an account, easy to embed and customize, can handle traffic spikes, works on phones and tablets, and many chat rooms are family friendly.

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