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Automobile Management is a complete Accounting and Inventory management software. This innovative solution equips the businesses with powerful accounting and inventory management tools and features packaged in a single platform. This easy to use software comes with the most user friendly interface allowing the businesses to administer each accounting and inventory operation effortlessly. Automobile Management incorporates automatic calculation for the purpose of billing and provides various customizable reports for a clear status of the stock and other components.

Product Features

Automobile Management software is a leading automation solution for automobile showrooms and workshops that empowers the businesses with the recent technology advancements integrated as various accounting and inventory management modules.  The software allows the users to prepare the bill against the job order or as counter sale bills, maintaining the stock at different levels, and to accept, reject, resubmit, settle the FOC. The solution also enables the users to capture the details pertaining to the branch transfer and employee performance. The frontend features of Automobile Management software consist of:

Sale: All vital details of the sales can be recorded in this module. The module deals with all sales operations including the calculation of on-road price, VAT calculation, and discount offered, net billing amount etc. Invoice and bill generation is also handled by this user-friendly module.
Purchase: Details of all suppliers can be retained here. Quotes from suppliers, purchase orders and returns can be managed effectively in this module.
Service: Services offered with remuneration and other necessary details are maintained in this module efficiently.
Stock Maintain: Opening stock, closing stock, stock transfer, stock transactions etc. can be well maintained in this module. This module provides a quick and fair view of the stock status in the business.
Accounting: The accounting module deals with the debit and credit notes, P&L accounts, journals, daily transactions, balance sheet, trial balance etc. among other vital accounting operations can be executed with this extensive module.
Reminders: Reminders to the customers can be sent with the integrated email and SMS capabilities in the system.
Reports: Various reports are provided by the solution that can be generated based on specific criteria for filtered analytical data that can help in taking decisions in the organization.

About The  Company 

Cogxim is a software development company comprised of a technically competent and experienced team of software engineers, programmers and system analyst. Cogxim is a group of young and enthusiastic software professionals with a strong desire to stand apart and to earn recognition for positive and creative work. The company provides best in class software products for automobile, petrol pumps, private financier and transporters. More than 700 clients that include branded showrooms and workshops, petrol pumps, transport and finance have benefitted from Cogxim services.

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