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The Cohesion Clinical Collaboration Suite software application is specifically designed to be a clinically-usable data recording, management and analysis tool for specialist Medical Departments. The suite of applications allows medical staff to manage patient records and clinical data including detailed diagnosis, co-morbidity conditions, treatment plans and measurements and assessments. The Clinical Collaboration Suite is specifically designed to meet the real workflow needs of users operating in demanding clinical environments with key user requirements.

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About Cohesion Medical

At Cohesion, Medical, the mission is to improve patient treatment outcomes and they achieve this by delivering the most affordable, accessible and highest quality clinical software solutions available. They offer clinical software for managing small to large numbers of patients, increasing clinical efficiencies and delivering substantial budget savings. Their products and services are offered directly to the NHS from their website and also via selected distributors throughout the UK. Their world-class software solutions include products for specialist clinics in dermatology, rheumatology and ophthalmology amongst others. 
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Features of Clinical Collaboration Suite

Users can login to their specific Clinic with each clinic locally administered and managed independently with their own data protected. Permissioned users can also login to the "Super-Clinic" and collate all data from each clinic to provide "live" overall statistics on the treatment of patients.

User Accounts allow users to access and manage their User Profiles including passwords and contact details as well as personal and system communications via a Messaging Centre. The system contains an integrated message centre to allow communication between Clinics and any National Centre, thus improving relationships and informing users of important notices. User Permissions allowing different levels of access can be set by the System Admin.

A specific patient can be found from the dropdown selection or using an A-Z Name Search. An optional advanced search facility provides useful criteria to further filter the list of patients displayed. Search results displays the number of patients and a list of all patients found with a link to their Patient Record. Search results can be printed and/or saved as an exported excel sheet. New patients are added using the "Add New" feature.

Allows users to search an Appointments Listings and diplay, print or save the results. "Manage Review" allows users manage alerts and review periods. "Quick PDS" allows users to quickly print a batch of Patient Data Sheets (PDS) for a specific clinic date. "Clinic Calendar" displays appointments as a calendar for easier viewing. Clinic Dates allows users to quickly add new appointments or print the PDS for those attending the clinic for that day. Users can also add new appointments using the "Add New" feature.

Users can easily transfer or refer Patient Records between any clinic created within the multi-clinic setup. "Ghost Patients" can be created at any clinic in order to allow studies and research details to retain copies of patient record details. The Transfers section allows a "joined-up" approach to the clinical management of Patient Records. Users can easily transfer/refer patients between clinics and back again for consultations. "Ghost Patients" can be created to allow clinics to retain copies of patient record details.

An extensive range of standard reports is available to the user. Clicking the Report Title will automatically generate a PDF containing the report data. Batch Reports allows users wanting to print reports for many patients at the same time.

The Resources section provides users with a "common access point" to standardised resources and clinic information such as Patient Assessment Sheets (PAS). Users can also download patient information sheets and other literature added to the system.

Users can perform regular reports on specific criteria in order to report on and manage the usage of resources such as the usage of treatment drugs over specific periods.

Users can assign patients to their own groups, add DNA Consent as well as National Registers, research trials and clinical trials. New Research Registers, Clinical Trials and Research Trials are added via the Global Admin Area. Patients can be assigned to research projects via the Admin Area.

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Enhance your employee engagement and productivity, improve your patient satisfaction and customer loyalty, while overall maximizing your clinic's profitability!

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Clinical Collaboration Suite Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Clinical Collaboration Suite

Q. Does my software license expire?

Your software product must be activated to work. The codes generated from this activation will only work on the software version released at the time of activation. Your licence is for 12 months from the time of activation. You are required to renew the licence annually.

Q. What upgrades are available for your software products?

Our software products have several upgrade options available including data-entry systems, enhanced features and support programs. Please contact Cohesion Medical to discuss your particular needs.

Q. How do I activate the software?

The software is activated by your IT Admin at the server level or by yourself if the software is a desktop deployment. Activation requires your serial number you received when you purchased the software. Once you activate your software you will then be given by email a registration code containing 4 fields - Name, location or email, ID and key. Register the code in the software. You need to be connected to the internet to register the software.

Q. What is your updates policy?

Following registration and activation, any fixes or new version of the software release within 12 months from the date of purchase will be automatically updated via your IT Admin.

Q. What do I do if for some reason I am not happy with your products and services?

Please contact Cohesion Medical's Customer Services immediately and we will endeavour to remedy any problem to your satisfaction. In case you shouldn't be completely satisfied with our solution, we do offer a 30 day money returned guarantee. The guarantee is valid from the day the order is received regardless of the cause.

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Guneet Julka

I can only recommend this service


10th October, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

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  • I bought from the vendor they recommended - fulfilled all my requirements!
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test Ten

these people are great


3rd October, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Great service that gets you the information you need quickly and concisely. Will use their site again for reviewing and purchasing products. Great customer service and followup
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