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500 /month

  • The above price is for initial set of 10 user licenses/company
  • INR 25/month for each additional user
  • 10% discount on semi-annual subscription
  • 15% discount on annual subscription

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India's first Sales Management / Business Intelligence Software that seamlessly integrates with Tally. You can now get business insights from Tally on your mobile/tablet/laptop. Cowry helps boost productivity of business owner(s) and sales team(s) by assisting them with tools bring in efficiency in their day to day operations. 
There is NO additional work for your accounts team as they can keep using Tally exactly as they were before.  It helps track revenues, clients, performance of sales team(s), etc. all from one single platform.

Product Features
Cowry is a complete sales team management solution which helps organizations execute and monitor entire sales activities of their sales teams to boost sales/revenues. The software has all the required modules that help manage activities pertaining to increasing team’s efficiency. 
You can view all of this in real time, from your mobile / tablet / desktop.  Instead of having to wait for weekly/ monthly excel reports from accounts/ MIS team/ Sales Managers, users could access this in real time, on the go. Sales teams can also be given access to view their own performance in real time, helping them utilize their time and efforts judiciously. This solution helps generating additional insights for the teams without additional work for the accounts / MIS team. 
This innovative software generates reports to help businesses monitor their:
  • Revenue Trends 
  • Recent Invoices
  • Regional Performance
  • Top Clients
  • Revenue by Client
  • Expected Orders
  • Client Tiers
Sales team
  • Sales Team ranking by % achievement
  • Individual performance against company benchmarks
Receivables outstanding: Bill-by-bill amount over due from clients
About The Company
Started by alumnus of Delhi University and IIT-Madras, TechGravitas aims to provide affordable enterprise technology for small and medium businesses. The company believes that real-time access to business critical data improves decision making, resulting in increased business.

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