CropIN Mwarehouse

CropIN Mwarehouse

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CropIn Mwarehouse provides SaaS based solution system to companies which can help them to manage farms, harvests, inventory, customer order, process and dispatch in order to provide traceability across supply chain.
Product Features
  • Manages inventory for minimum wastages, especially perishable produce
  • Qualify plots based on customer specification
  • Provides farm to form traceability to ensure a seamless flow of Agri output to the customer, where one can trace the source right back to the farmer
  • Helps user to go beyond manual means of collecting data and digitise the process
  • Qualify Plots for harvest based on market eligibility and customer specification (Physical appearance & MRL limit)
  • Schedule eligible Harvest, allocate resources & generate gate pass
  • Helps receive and reconcile harvest lot and generate invoice for growers
  • Manages inventory in most efficient way (FIFO)
  • Manages Process (Clean, Sort, Grade, label) inventory for customer orders. Generate GS1 compliant Barcode/QR Code
  • Provides traceability to each Punnet/Box /Bin/Palle
About The Company
CropIn Technology Solutions was founded in August 2010 as a Farm Management- Monitoring-Traceability (agriculture data and analytics) business providing SaaS based service to Agribusinesses in India and other developing nations. This enables clients to analyse, interpret and gain real time insight on standing crop and project spanning over large geographies enabling them to take corrective measures on time.

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