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CropIn SmartSales provides SaaS based services to agribusinesses in India and other developing nations, enabling customers to analyse, interpret and gain real time insight on ground level sales through last sales point connect and Marcomm activities quantification over large geographies enabling them to increase their sales and improve people efficiency.
Product Features
CropIn application is a cloud-based system, which takes an integrated and analytical approach to Agri Input Sales. The tool provides a real time view of the activities happening on the ground:
Sales Insights:
  • Accelerate sales by more than 15% by blending sales, promotions/demos and farmer related activities
  • Reach out to the last mile sale points and enhance your sales channel effectiveness
  • Gather order and stock information of dealers on the fly and quickly, know the trend of ground level sales
Demand Generation:
  • Engage the farmer and build loyalty by giving him right advisory at the right time
  • Conduct product demos/trainings and gather intelligence
  • Take this a further notch by Smart Intelligence Systems like weather insights to keep tap the upcoming opportunities
  • It also enables simplified control of complete retailers/last mile sales set-ups scattered over geographies through a single click or a single touch
About The Company
CropIn Technology Solutions was founded in August 2010 as a Farm Management- Monitoring-Traceability (agriculture data and analytics) business providing SaaS based service to Agribusinesses in India and other developing nations. This enables clients to analyse, interpret and gain real time insight on standing crop and project spanning over large geographies enabling them to take corrective measures on time.

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