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  • AMC will be INR 3000 p.a
  • Implementation charges will be ranges between INR 5000 to INR 10005

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Restaurant Biz is an ultimate solution catering to the automation solution for hotels, restaurants and eateries. The Restaurant Management solution enables effective management of BOT & KOT, billing, bars, recipes, food costing, raw material, tables and reservations, orders, takeaways etc. The cost effective solution is easy to deploy and does not need any specific technical skill to operate the solution. The user friendly interface allows the businesses to well manage each and every small activity effectively on the fly. The solution incorporates all basic and advanced features for smooth functioning with improved productivity in the restaurants.

Product Features
Restaurant Biz is a user friendly and interactive software solution that equips the businesses with enhanced performance tools. The solution is offers automation solution for table, order, bills, bar, staff, recipe, raw material, stock, accounts, payroll etc. packaged in a single platform. Empowered with password protection, the software is a secure and reliable solution. On the top of it, this software can be deployed easily on the system with minimal technical requirements. The primary feature highlights include:
  • Reservation and Table Management: The software allows the perfect reservation and table management with an exclusively designed module. All necessary activities such as confirming reservation, maintaining customer details, staff assignment for specific tables, etc. can be managed well with this feature.
  • Order Management: From order taking to fulfilment and delivery- all operations can be carried out flawlessly with this powerful feature. The businesses can track the order status as well to administer the performance of each operation thereby taking effective decision in-time.
  • Recipe Management: Recording recipes and maintain the standard recipe format or even making necessary changes in recipes as per the customers’ taste and feedbacks can be managed here.
  • Inventory Management: Tracking of all the stock, opening and closing, issuance of raw material etc. can be captured in this module. This leads to effective decision making for the businesses.
  • Billing: Billing each order correctly, bill generation and other billing operations can be efficiently managed with this intuitive software.
  • Staff Management: Complete staff management is another crucial task that can be accomplished readily with this software. The staff details can be captured, attendance can be recorded, leaves can be managed, duties and shifts can be assigned effectively here.
  • Payroll: The salary calculation considering the relevant deductions, bonus, designation, department, leaves etc. is quite simple with this module. Payslips can also be generated with this module.
  • Accounting: All accounting operations can be well managed with this module. Credits and debits can be recorded with daily transactions and other accounts operations.

About The Company
DCSINFOWAY specializes in providing ready to use and customized IT solutions. With dedicated team of core technical professionals, the company endeavours to provide world-class consultancy services and solutions catering to the automation needs for businesses. DCSINFOWAY is a pioneer in software development, web designing and hosting. The services and solutions provided by DCSINFOWAY are not only cutting edge but address the core concerns of business automation requirements with the cost effective software solutions.

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