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Deskera HRMS

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About Deskera HRMS

What is Deskera HRMS?

Deskera Human Resource Management System helps the business organisations in streamlining their entire employee management procedure. Starting from recruitment, payroll, onboarding, performance monitoring to managing claims and leaves requested by individual employees, admins can manage it all. The performance management feature of this HR management software helps its users in arranging multiple appraisal cycles along with fixed submission dates and dedicated forms.

Deskera HRMS helps users align their workforce with business goals by tracking relevant milestones and key employee performance indicators all around the year. Further, managers can rate the performance of an individual employee and recommend them for promotions at regular intervals, using the performance appraisal feature of the software.

How does Deskera HRMS facilitate timesheet management?

With Deskera HRMS, users can automate their timekeeping and scheduling tasks with comprehensive timesheets within less time and also at a very low cost.

  1. Set Duration - Company admins can monitor employee-based timesheets for a specific duration, by choosing a start and end date.
  2. Approve Timesheet - With Deskera HRMS, company admins can monitor their employee’s working in a detailed manner. They can also track their performance and productivity level in an accurate manner.
  3. View Timesheet - Admins can view the total amount of tasks done by an employee along with the fixed hours spent by them for the particular job, for an entire week, using the timesheet management feature offered by the software.
  4. Generate Reports - With Deskera HRMS, admins can view timesheet details of individual employees, based on the comprehensive reports offered within one spreadsheet.

Pricing of Deskera HRMS

The pricing of Deskera HRMS is available on request. You can send in a callback request to connect with our experts, and they will offer you all the necessary support.

Compatible Platforms for Deskera HRMS

Deskera HRMS is available as a web app for Windows desktop platforms, and it also has its mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of Deskera HRMS

  1. Audit Trail - Admins can monitor the individual activities of their employees by tracking their place of the occurrence via IP address and the date on which it was actually performed.
  2. Assign Interviewer - Company admins can create a list of interviewers and manage them through the software. Once an interview is scheduled with a candidate, the software triggers an email notification to the interviewer in real-time.
  3. Resume Management - HRs can receive and monitor resumes from individual applicants, store them and process them at a fast pace, using the recruitment management feature of HRMS software.

Sold By : Deskera

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Deskera HRMS Features

Users can create their own payroll templates or use the predefined ones. They can design multiple payment components and manage them effectively without any additional efforts.  
The web-based recruiting solution helps recruiters in generating an interviewers’ list. It can also be used to monitor a candidate’s resume.
Deskera HRMS helps its users plan, administer, manage and report their employees' time. They can also export those reports to any external location in preferable file formats.
Employees can upload their personal information, view online payslips, generate detailed pay history, manage payroll deductions, taxes and more.
Users can establish strategy-driven goals for an employee and monitor their performance against such goals along with adequate feedback. They can also assign employee-based reviewers.
With Deskera HRMS, admins can manage the employee database and keep track of all their activities. They can also set in separate appraisal cycles as per their organizational goals.
Admins can possess full control over the working hours and related tasks of their employees and approve or reject them in a subsequent manner.
The HR management software offers a wide variety of comprehensive reports on timesheet, employee performance and past appraisal records. It helps users get detailed insights into the entire business and make better decisions with ease.
With Deskera HRMS, recruiters can edit, create and manage interview schedules with ease. They can also manage the time, availability and location of an interviewer.

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Deskera HRMS Specifications


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Deskera HRMS FAQs

A. Yes, you can post jobs on any career site or on your own employee referral portal with Deskera HRMS. You can also mention all working conditions and update responsibilities associated with it.
A. Yes, Deskera HRMS does offer detailed appraisal reports that include performance summary reports, appraisal cycle summaries, training-related reports, featuring in-depth information about the appraisal of individual employees.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Deskera HRMS. Product experts will get back to you as per your mentioned date and time.
A. Yes, as an admin you can generate payroll template for an individual employee, with predefined payroll components like deductions, earnings and types of taxes.
A. Yes, Deskera HRMS has a dedicated mobile app that is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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