DGTL Digital Menu

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Digital menu is an iPad application for retailers and restaurants. With the help of this app, the customer can place an order through the menu provided on the app, or create a customized item for order. Just like the Fabelle app, where a customer can select from the range of chocolate and toppings to create his customized chocolate for order.

Product Features:
  • Provides good & efficient customer service
  • Reduces waiting time for orders that helps deliver food fast with quick payment
  • Easy browser to find the desired menu
  • Displays menu with picture and details of ingredients & calories intake
  • Enables onscreen ordering process
  • Electronic payment mode to view and pay the bill
  • Availability of email & e-newspaper for business people
  • Availability to purchase air-ticket & call local cabs
  • Ability to place an order in multiple languages and also supports multiple currencies
  • The software also suggests the special menu according to the customer diet & health

About the Company:
DGTL Innovations is a design & technology company which empowers modern businesses with cutting-edge solutions and innovative products. DGTL develops digital experiences through a combination of aesthetics and digital technologies that increase the competitiveness of businesses and contribute to society’s total productivity.

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