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About Disha

What is Disha?

Disha is an accounting and inventory management software that is fully compatible with GST regulations and can be customized as per the business needs of mini manufacturing units and traders. The software is mainly useful for trading units in various sectors such as pharmaceutical, FMCG, Garment, Stationary, IT Trader, Utensils, sanitary, hardware, and household traders. By using Disha traders get access to a comprehensive ERP solution along with a dedicated mobile app for android systems. 

Disha is an accounting software for small businesses. It features a friendly user interface and hosts a variety of simple tools, enabling its users to perform multiple business operations at a faster pace. The intuitive GST reports offered by the software are easy to understand and can also be uploaded to the GST portal in a few simple steps.

What are the usability domains of Disha Online Accounting Software?

Disha accounting and bookkeeping software can be used in various types of firms and industries. Below mentioned are a few of those sectors and industries:

  1. Fast-moving consumer goods traders.
  2. Garment Traders 
  3. Ayurvedic and homeopathic stores
  4. Stationary traders
  5. Pharmaceutical traders
  6. Electronic equipment traders 
  7. Computer and IT traders
  8. Cement and steel traders
  9. Grocery shops
  10. Confectionary stores
  11. Book Stores
  12. Automobile spare parts traders
  13. Shoe stores
  14. Electronic shops

Pricing of Disha

Disha is available as per the following pricing plans:

  1. Basic Plan: It is available at a price of ₹ 9500 can be used by 1 user.
  2. Pro Plan: It is available at a price of ₹11,000 can be used by 2 users.
  3. Premium Plan: It is available at a price of ₹ 14,500 can be used by 3 users.
  4. Enterprise Plan: It is available at a price of ₹ 20,500 can be used by multiple users.

You can request a callback, and our product experts will provide the support regarding price and installation.

Compatible platforms for Disha

Disha accounting & inventory software is compatible with the following platforms:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  2. Mac OS X, version 10.11 and above.
  3. Android, version 5.0, and above. 

Benefits of using Disha Accounting & Bookkeeping Software

  1. Android-based System: Disha offers a wide range of Android-based services like order receiving, generation of sales challan, money receipts, and client complaint, and suggestion management.
  2. SMS and Email Alerts: The software sends in transaction-based and duplicate voucher entry related SMS and email alerts to users in real-time.
  3. GST-based Reports: With Disha accounting software, users can generate CSV and Excel-based GST reports as per the format guided by the GST portal.
  4. Advanced Tracking System: By using Disha accounting software, users get access to a serial number based product tracking system, field vehicle inventory tracking and multi-angular sales tracking solution as well.  
  5. Intuitive Reports: Disha can be termed as the best accounting software as it provides graph-based analytical reports to its users, which helps them understand and analyze their business proceedings in a detailed manner. Further, users can generate gross profit analysis based on market, day, and company with ease.
  6. Customization: Users can get customized features based on their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

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Get Disha support 22 Chatting right now

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Disha Features

The software helps manage inventory-related activities in an efficient manner. They can keep track of the available products and refill the stock when needed.
Disha features a wide variety of product management tools using which users can manage multi-product units, serial numbers, stock, barcode billing and calculate their sales in real-time. 
Users get access to a self-financial year ending module and can carry out other financial year related operations with ease.
With the help of the accounting software, users can monitor their item stocks and set up alerts for lower and upper limits as per their business requirement.
Disha online accounting software allows its users to monitor the functioning of multiple branches within a single platform.
The software allows its users to monitor each product based on the assigned serial number.
With the help of the accounting software, users can ensure proper security at multiple stages and offer multi-level discounts to their clients.
Disha accounting system automatically calculates the margin to be earned on each product on behalf of its user.
The software sends in real-time alerts when a product is about to reach its expiry date or its stock level has gone down.
4Disha allows its users to manage billing by scanning the barcode assigned to each product, which makes it easier to keep track of sales and inventory.
Users can manage and keep track of purchase orders from supplier encrypted soft copies.
The software enables its users to generate bank reconciliation statements without any complication.
Disha accounting software enables its users to manage their GST-related billings and calculation in a detailed manner.
Users can generate Android-based

Get Disha support22 Chatting right now

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Disha Specifications


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Disha FAQs

Yes, the bookkeeping software is equipped with a self financial year ending feature.
Disha offers a high-security multi-user based data platform along with secured reporting and self unlock feature. The software ensures that the user’s passwords are stored in an encrypted manner.
Yes, you can request a demo of Disha. Experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your preferred date and time.
Disha offers grid-based, route wise and multi-market reports that can be exported in PDF and Excel formats.
The online accounting software has a dedicated mobile app for Android platforms.

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