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DUCEM  targeted ERP solution allow small and  medium sized  businesses to effectively handle product & process  innovation ,  cost-effective manufacturing, and outsourcing - all the challenges posed by a global, competitive market.  DUCE M  product is sophisticated, easy to implement ERP for the SME market which is comprehensive in its functionality. DUCEM ERP solution weaves your business together seamlessly, from  end  – to – end, across the entire value chain. The solution has the ability to integrate business processes.



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About DUCEM Tech

DUCEM Technologies Private Limited is a software solutions provider company, evolved out of the leading firm of Chartered Accountants and highly experienced IT Experts with a rich experience of financial & Accounting consulting, ERP implementation & software development for various MNCs which brings more than 15 years of client focused professional experience to the company. The company primarily focuses on providing ERP & Payroll products along with innovative and cutting edge software solutions which comprise of customized application development, Integrated Mobile Apps development & providing cloud based solutions, which can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in complex environments. DUCEM also provide customer specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at affordable monthly rates to ensure that our customers receive the service they need. Through product and service excellence combined with outstanding value DUCEM have established ourselves as a primary IT solutions provider in various sectors of Manufacturing Industry. DUCEM target SMEs specifically with cost-effective solutions that allow established and emerging businesses to compete with larger corporations.
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  • Main features of this module are generation of Purchase Requisition (PR), procurement transactions like Invite Quotations, compare, generate Purchase Order (PO), receive material (GR), offer received material for quality inspection, issue materials as per Material Demand Note (MDN).
  • The system writes books of accounts, excise and sales tax without any direct and additional entries. This module provides very effective tools for controlling procurement at the desired cost and help control movement of materials.
  • This module helps to control and monitor quality aspects of materials in any stage. Let it be receipt from vendors, in-house processing for intermediate stage or final product.
  • TControl on the use of calibrated measuring instruments and different methodology for vendors for the same item (if required) makes it possible and helps in vendor evaluation so far quality aspect of supplies are concerned. This is an important tool in maintaining ISO 9000 QM system. This generates many different types of reports to satisfy inspecting third party authorities.
  • Main features of this module are to use materials and sequence of operations. Use of MRP3 provides requirement and procurement of materials with time frame. In other words it provides purchase requisition of a specific quantity considering designed inventory levels. It is different from many programs providing scheduling, this module in KATALYST records work completion time and quantity of materials used. Facility of rescheduling production helps adjusting available resources or shall provides alternate arrangement of production to maintain schedule.
  • This module provides variance of time and quantity and actual verses standard cycle time, capacity utilization, important information to monitor productivity in PRODUCTION.
  • Businesses always look for this module to control and monitor their marketing team’s performance. Recording the market leads helps check amount of efforts put on such leads and turned into a sales order. Generation of dispatch documents and writing books of accounts as well as excise and sales tax are the output records for inland and overseas sales. Data collected provides analytics of sales product, region, customer wise and nature of industry wise.
  • This module provides variance of time and quantity and actual verses standard cycle time, capacity utilization, important information to monitor productivity in PRODUCTION.
  • Monitoring maintenance cost is very important as data and its trend for equipment would help the user to take decision for investment/replacement or continuing production with regular maintenance. This module is working with MM Module so far spares’ purchase, storage and issue is concerned. It also takes care of safety aspect as approval of maintenance request would be possible only after Safety Work Permit.
  • This module is used for preventive, predictive as well as breakdown maintenance and generates MIS to help take decision on investment in replacing the equipment or enhancing its life with some major investment.
  • This module is important and useful where no. of employees is more. When managing manually - presence, leave management, Salary Processing.
  • Statutory Documents related to Payroll.
  • Web based Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Client can have this module on standalone basis as it can be integrated with the existing ERP at the Client site.

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  • Sales and Distribution
  • Materials Management
  • Finance & Costing
  • Production Planning
  • Plant Maintenance


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