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About Eastern EM HRMS

What is Eastern EM HRMS?

Eastern EM HRMS is a human resource management software developed for the smooth operation of Indian companies. The software has a beautifully designed user interface that helps manage your workforce efficiently. Organizations using Eastern EM HRMS can customize the software which allows them to keep or remove the modules as per their requirements. This HRMS software helps with several tasks such as: 

  1. Recruitment tasks
  2. Employee onboarding
  3. Training & learning management
  4. Quality control at the workspace
  5. Process automation, among many others. 

Eastern EM HRMS offers a fully featured and integrated solution for HR teams. The software offers problem solving capabilities, which allows HR teams to take up grievances from employees and act on it immediately. This human resource management system helps with the complete management of an employee lifecycle. Managers can analyze the productivity of employees based on different attributes and arrange training sessions for them accordingly. 

How Eastern EM HRMS addresses the pain points of HR teams? 

Eastern EM HRMS assists organizations with numerous tasks which are otherwise tedious and time-taking in nature. This HRM management software simplifies the entire recruitment and onboarding process for new joiners. Instead of making several entries, HR teams can import the data from finalized resumes for quick onboarding. It also provides HR teams with necessary tools for prior auditing of candidates’ documents and before their joining date. 

Another key area where Eastern EM HRMS helps is the management of vendors. The vendor management system module allows organization to improve communication with the suppliers. The HRIS software allows users to create a thorough list of vendors and manage interactions with them. It provides a single access point to monitor the all the vendor activities seamlessly. 

What are features offered by Eastern EM HRMS software? 

Here are some key features offered by Eastern EM HRMS: 

  1. Vendor management
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Recruitment management 
  4. Onboarding and employee training 
  5. Payroll and taxation 
  6. Attendance management
  7. Leave management 
  8. Claims, loans, and reimbursements

What is the price of Eastern EM HRMS human resources management system? 

Eastern EM HRMS price depends on the modules and customizations required for your HR management needs. Factors such as, modules required, size of the organization, etc. determine the final price of the software. You can request a call back to get more information regarding Eastern EM HRMS pricing. 

Sold By : Eastern Infotech

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Eastern EM HRMS Features

This human resource management software provides a self-service portal for employees to report their daily work and apply for leaves.
The software provides real-time attendance management feature for organizations to record incoming and outgoing time of their employees.
Eastern EM HRMS software allows employees to check and apply for leaves and get it approved by their managers directly.
HR teams can use the recruitment management module to sort and hire the best talent available in the market.
Organizations can use this HR management system to manage their clients and stay updated with regards to all the communication with them in real-time.
HR teams can manage an employee’s entire lifecycle and track all the information regarding them, from the hire to the exit. It also allows a streamlined visibility into all the projects that your employees are working on.
This HR management software allows organizations to enlist all the projects they are currently working on along with the deadlines.
This HRMS software allows HR teams to calculate the payroll accurately by incorporating all the data for attendance, leaves, claims, reimbursements, etc.
Managers can assess the performance of their employees and give recommendation for appraisal through the software.
Organizations can setup their shift-based working hours and allot employees in different shifts as per the requirement.
Eastern EM HRMS helps companies to manage their fixed assets to manage its depreciation point.
All the benefits for employees such as Bonus, Loan, and Advances can be managed through this software.
This HRMS software allows employees to file claims for expenses with travelling, dining, and other projects. They can also attach bills as a proof.
Companies can track and calculate all their expenditures and check where they can cut costs without compromising on the productivity.
This HRMS software also enables companies to monitor and provide access to visitors by recording their purpose for visitation.
HR teams can create a personalized pay slip for employees on a monthly basis.
Eastern EM HRMS generates comprehensive MIS reports to get detailed information regarding the workforce performance.

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Eastern EM HRMS Specifications


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Eastern EM HRMS FAQs

Users can report bugs through the software and get it rectified in no time.
Eastern EM HRMS can integrate with different types of face recognition and fingerprint devices to conduct error-free attendance.
Automated deployment helps with various tasks such as: 1. Artifact building 2. Runs unit tests 3. Monitors provisioning profiles and certificates
Eastern EM HRMS provides an app for Android devices only.
Techjockey offers a demo before purchase for Eastern EM HRMS. This will help the interested buyers know more about its features.

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