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Business offices serve every customer on campus, so they need to run efficiently while delivering great service. We can help you achieve both by improving student transactions, human resources, and business processes. Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet simplifies and safeguards transaction management by creating a single, certified payment system.

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About Ellucian

The company provides technology solutions and services that remove barriers, helping higher education institutions achieve student success. It’s been the company's total focus for more than 40 years. Company's passion speaks for itself: today ellucian serve 2,500 institutions and 18 million students in 50 countries around the globe. The Ellucian values reflect the best of who company are today and what we hope to be in the future.
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Features of Ellucian HR/Finance Solution

 Automated expense processing
Automated expense processing from any mobile device saves time and reduces the costs of managing travel-related expenses. Boost efficiency with an optical character recognition (OCR) feature that reads expense information from receipts and automatically creates the expense. Speed adoption with an easy-to-use interface and browser, email, and mobile-enabled features. Ease administrative burdens with automatic, process-driven expense submission. Check expense report status and actions needed with real-time tracking feature. Configure the approval process and assign approvers with dynamic, multi-level workflow. Convert approved expense reports to invoices automatically and pay by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer.
 Higher Education
Higher education features designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your institution. Customize per-diem rules and expense policies based on your institutional requirements with an embedded rules engine. Refresh and update GSA per-diem rates automatically. Generate automatic alerts when the traveler’s request is outside the set per-diem limits. Allow staff to give someone else authority to create and submit an expense report on behalf of another individual with delegate control function. Split expense entries to multiple grants or cost centers by amount or percentage, including unique descriptions for each portion of the split expense. Allocate expenses easily by typing in a portion of the grant name, index code, cost center name, project or other allocation criteria and the intuitive allocation selector does the rest.
Pre-approval and travel data integration
Pre-approval and travel data integration speed reimbursement and help institutions manage travel costs. Submit pre-trip authorizations which are approved based on configurable business rules and controls. Control costs and manage suppliers with real-time visibility before spend actually happens. Encumber travel funds by source with pre-approvals. Allocate pre-approvals to multiple expense reports over time. Incorporate travel data booked by the traveler directly into your system with seamless integration into most travel management company’s booking systems.
Travel advances and automatic currency conversion eases travelers’ financial and administrative burden. Recover advances via automatic invoice creation with integration to Accounts Payable. Enter expenses in multiple currencies and they are automatically converted back to base currency. Boost accuracy with foreign exchange rates refreshed daily—based on the date the expense was incurred, the correct foreign exchange rates will apply.
Rich, scalable functionality ensures your payment system grows along with your needs. Covers a range of payment options, from credit and debit cards to electronic checks, funds transfers and international wires. Presents real-time student account information and communications, subject to authorized user access.
Management dashboard with ‘out of the box’ availability puts you in control. See what payments happen when and where, across the entire institution. Cut costs, simplify processes, and reduce resource demands. Use the visibility to improve decision-making.
Role-based permissions allow critical functions to take place securely. Parent Pay lets parents make PCI- and FERPA-compliant payments on behalf of their children. International Wire Payments occur with a guaranteed conversion rate and wiring instructions available via the embedded ‘reservation system’. Scheduled Payments are as simple as selecting a date. Line Item Payments simplify the process through the ‘select a line item’ option. Stored Payment Profiles enable safe storage of credit/debit card details and/or bank account information.
Recruiting cloud automates job requisitions for greater efficiency, lets you create career sites to identify best-fit candidates, and fosters team collaboration for faster, more accurate candidate review. Applicant management tools automate aspects of the hiring process. The talent pipeline identifies talent gaps before they become problems. Social sourcing allows you to use the most current tools to attract applicants. Screening and assessment tools save your staff time and effort in identifying the best candidates.
Learning cloud provides access to more than 30,000 integrated learning titles as well as pre-loaded templates, assessment, and collaboration tools that let you design and deliver courses from a single eLearning system. eLearning, instructor-led, and blended learning provide flexible training options to best suit your institution and employees Mobile and social training leverages cutting-edge tools to deliver an engaging learning experience. Compliance and certification programs keep your institution abreast of state and federal requirements.
Performance cloud delivers configurable workflows and automated tools that help you align employee goals and assessments with institutional strategy. Performance goals and reviews are accessible at the click of a button. Skills matrices and competency tracking help identify top performers. Succession planning helps identify and develop successors for key positions, reducing the potential for organizational disruption. Compensation management helps you stay within institutional guidelines and budgets.

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HR/Finanace Solution


  • Automated Expense Processing
  • Higher Education
  • Travel advances and automatic currency
  • Dashboard management
  • Role based permissions
  • Performance cloud

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Ellucian HR/Finanace Solution

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