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About Ellucian IT Solution

Information is the lifeblood of your campus. Ellucian IT solution can help you connect that information, make it easy to access and use, and protect it from potential attacks. It’s what we do. Data breaches are more sophisticated, frequent, and devastating than ever. Rather than spend precious resources undoing damage to your assets and your reputation, implement a comprehensive database security solution that thwarts attacks in the first place.



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About Ellucian

The company provides technology solutions and services that remove barriers, helping higher education institutions achieve student success. It’s been the company's total focus for more than 40 years. Company's passion speaks for itself: today ellucian serve 2,500 institutions and 18 million students in 50 countries around the globe. The Ellucian values reflect the best of who company are today and what we hope to be in the future.
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Encryption package encodes data in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorized access to information. Secures, shares, and manages keys across the institution. Manages key lifecycle stages including creation, rotation, and expiration. Seamlessly enrolls and provisions server endpoints. Centralizes keys in a modern, secure, and robust key management platform.
Audit tool provides alerts and reports that help you craft gold-standard policies across all databases. Consolidates audit data and logs generated by databases, operating systems, directories, file systems, and custom sources into a secure centralized repository. Provides enterprise security intelligence and efficient-compliance reporting by combining, monitoring, and reporting data. Tracks all database changes, server errors, and user activity.
Database firewall monitors for malicious intent and provides the first line of defense against database-specific attacks and SQL injections. Accurately detects and blocks unauthorized database activity including SQL injection attacks by monitoring traffic to Oracle® and non-Oracle databases. Utilizes a unique SQL grammar-analysis engine and easy-to-define whitelists and blacklists to ensure high accuracy and performance. Delivers horizontal and vertical scalability through easy-to-deploy “software appliances”.
Expert implementation keeps your security strategy evolving along with software, as well as critical systems running at top performance. Provides best-practice security guidelines to help you correctly configure this powerful set of defense-in-depth solutions. Delivers tightly aligned configuration and security based on Ellucian’s knowledge of Banner architecture. Ensures accuracy—our experts have years of experience testing performance and ensuring quality while working with both Banner® by Ellucian and Oracle® databases.
Automatic data capture eliminates manual data entry and improves transactional efficiencies by capturing files from anywhere, including mobile devices. Capture documents on demand from virtually any device in any location. Apply bar codes, patch codes, optical character recognition, and intelligent character recognition. Automatically relate content to specific screens or transactions within Banner® by Ellucian. Use unlimited metadata options to index content with unique characteristics or requirements.
Document management increases efficiencies and ensures compliance with institutional policies. Enable users to digitally sign documents, check out the latest version of a document, check in a new version, and review a history of revisions. Organize all institutional information in a secure, central, electronic repository. Grant or revoke individual and group rights to each distinct system function. Conceal confidential data while preserving a document’s original integrity.
Workflow designer
Workflow designer streamlines processes and document approvals throughout your institution. Create, manage, and modify simple and complex workflow processes using the intuitive workflow interface. Build powerful document routing rules using ordinary language. Automatically direct documents to work queues based on linear or parallel processes; specific data inside documents, e-forms or databases; and other methods. Simplify processes with customizable, real-time notifications and integrated to-do lists that establish deadlines and priorities.
Electronic forms and signatures
Electronic forms and signatures capture data directly and replace paper forms. Collect raw data from web pages, mobile devices, and software applications. Validate, store, organize, and secure content collected in eForms so you can route it through workflows and apply version control. Enable users, including students, to submit forms and data via your portal. Convert paper forms into electronic replicas, with original structure intact. Distribute documents securely with options for parallel or sequential signing by internal staff.
Records and information management allow you to manage the complete lifecycle of content, from capture and retention to archiving and destruction. Archive or delete content based on your business rules and retention policies. Define phases and triggers within time- and event-based document retention policies. Manage data as needed—destroy it, transfer it to storage (online, nearline, or offline), or permanently retain it. Easily create holds to prevent the modification or deletion of information.

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Ellucian IT Solution


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Ellucian IT Solution

Q. What should I do if I forget my password?

By clicking the Forgotten Password link on the sign in page, you can request a Password Reset link be sent to you. Follow these steps: Enter your email address (must be the email address you registered with), or the username you set up when you registered. Click the Send Email button, and the reset password link will be sent to your email. The link will come from: Make sure this domain is not blocked by your system or not set to fall into your junk/spam folder.

Q. What is my username?

This is the username that you selected when you registered. It is also on the activation email you received from Okta after you created your account.

Q. What if I forget my username?

If you forget your username, please send an email to This will create a Case in the system, and the Ellucian ActionCenter can provide your username.

Q. Why does my username have

The is for system use only, because some directories require usernames to be in email format. You should not use that to access the Ellucian Hub. Just leave the off, and that is your username.

Q. Why am I locked out of my account?

The lockout occurs after multiple unsuccessful tries to log into the Ellucian Hub. In this case, please send an email to, and the Ellucian ActionCenter can generate a Reset Password link which will unlock your account when you activate the link.


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