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ERP:FM is a system that is designed to be multi-option, intelligent and adaptable process that allows its users to gain essential intellect from every aspect of their business. It is a cloud based solution built on HTML5. The capacity of the system can be increased based on your business needs and vice versa. It allows for faster, clearer and more cost effective working, management and day to day running of your business or organization. The software is built and designed to offer every type of business or organization a unique, smart and flexible system of work.

Product Features:
  • Finance Services- Includes sales and procurement processes such as generating and maintaining quotations, projects, invoices, bills, receipts, staff expenses and purchase orders.
  • Task Management- Helps manage and plan different tasks that include management of recurring, audits, appointments, meetings, complaints and information.
  • Live Tracking- Enables live tracking of field workers & vehicles such as time records, cost & sale, map location and helps in route planning, time & costs and information.
  • Asset Management- Helps to keep a track of every asset in the company that includes inventory, vehicle, purchase, maintenance and much more.
  • Sales Management- Helps you track and organize leads through an easy to use visual interface.
  • Facilities management with NFC- Gives the users the ability to create and develop their estate geography within the actual system itself.
  • Business Support- Software also includes some system modules that are listed below:
  • Staff Attendance- Enables you to efficiently manage the attendance and leave details of the employees without any hassle.
  • Fleet Management- Monitors vehicles regardless of where they are and helps vehicle organisation manage various functions of their vehicles like telematics, speed, maintenance and even fuel management also.
  • Document Manager- It is a manager in which a computer program can manage, store, and track documents to reduce paper.

About the Company:
ERP:FM is a software development company that caters to support local independents, medium, large and global organisations. The company provides a full suite of finance tools to support all the business requirements.

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