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eSpa&Salon helps in Spa and Salon management with all the required details like booking, enquiry and reports for handling and managing customer(s) efficiently. Also, the software helps in taking business decision in terms of infrastructure investment and manpower management. The software aims at relieving the management from handling day to day activities.
Product Features
eSpa&Salon is an effective software helping Spas and Salons manage their resources and customers efficiently by removing the manual process and automating the same and provide various productivity enhancing tools. Below are some of the features:
  • Creation of customer: User should be able to create different types of customer from both manual and systematic process
  • Modification of customer: Once customer is created from any ways either manual or systematic, one can be able to modify it
  • Deletion of customer: Customer created by mistakes of user can be deleted
  • Conversion of customer to member: Customer can be converted to Member with having a unique membership code
  • Creation of appointment on the basis of customer: Multiple appointment can be created on one customer
  • Modification of appointment: Once any appointment is created, one can be able to modify that appointment
  • Billing: User can make bill of any appointment
  • Employee management: Employee creation and modification
  • Attendance: Attendance of employee
  • Payroll: Employee payroll can be done including their pay slip generation
  • Service management: This is the key component in the software. Based on the service only any appointment and billing can be done.
  • Reports: For the entire appointment, customer and billing there should reports which can be easily converted to excel
About The Company
The company is aimed at helping companies operate effectively and efficiently and gain get better returns on their investment by deploying their solutions. The company brings traditional software engineering methodology and discipline for creating easy to use software – delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. The company understands the needs of small and medium scale businesses and hence tries to help them with software meeting their requirements and budget. Other than engineering, the company's focus is to create solutions that are easy to use and have interactive and intuitive interface making it fun to use for the user.

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