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About Experion FieldMax Pharma

FieldMax Pharma solution is an agile software solution for pharmaceutical organizations allowing them to streamline daily requirements of the field sales teams and enhance their productivity with mission critical real time data. Available as innovative mobile solution, the product provides access to core sales to the field sales team and enable saving critical information on their smartphones and/or Tablets for instant access on the fly. The software solution provides enhanced productivity with critical real-time data and  360 degree view on historical data of the customers.



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About Experion

Experion Technologies is a new generation IT company with offices accross United States, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and India. With 10 years in existence, 3 development centers and 300 employees, the company has developed over 250 mobile/HTML5 applications and delivered more than 50 software products and has provided end-to-end services across a wide variety of technologies and business verticals. The company's solutions and services portfolio include product engineering and technology services along with two remarkable products namely FieldMax & xPort.
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This module within the FieldMax Pharma allows the field sales teams to maintain daily call schedules generate comprehensive useful report for effective decision making.

The sales teams can plan their journeys and business outings whilst efficiently managing various business meetings and plans.

The interactive module provides effective point of purchase and allows the enterprises to track the sample and gift movements being issued for clients.

Real time analysis of target vs actual comparisons can be effectively carried out for improved and quick decision making.

Various request for inventory and sales ordering with all necessary details can be well maintained and executed timelessly without hampering the processes.

Visits to the doctors, chemists and stockists can be scheduled and marked in the daily calendars integrated within the software.

Complete track of attendance, leaves and expenses incurred by the field sales staff can be kept readily.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 650.00 ( Per Month )

  • Expense Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Point Of purchase
  • Sales Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Daily Call report


Experion FieldMax Pharma


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Experion FieldMax Pharma

Q. What is FieldMax?

FieldMax is a suite of mobile and web-based applications used for field sales automation. It has two components - FieldMax Mobile application is used by the field staff to enter field sales information on a simple Java/Android enabled mobile handset. FieldMax Office is a web-based application used by the operations team to track and process the field sales data.

Q. What kind of business can get benefited out of FieldMax?

FieldMax would be a definite fit in organizations who have a large field sales team working in the market, meeting more than 15 customer per day, entering sales data in paper and DSR sheets, executing primary/secondary sales, meeting distributors/C&F agent reporting, end of the day sales data to reporting managers over calls/SMS/emails and so on.

Q. Do I need to have a smartphone to run FieldMax application?

No. It is not mandatory that you must have a smartphone to use FieldMax application. The only requirement is the device should be Java/Android/Windows supportive with internet connectivity. Our team would advise you on the best device as per business requirement.

Q. What is the time required for implementing FieldMax in my organization?

Implementation time depends on factors such as master data availability and team readiness. In a normal scenario it would take 15 - 30 days for a full roll-out for a 100 member sales team.

Q. Can I see the real-time data of my field sales team? How does the data transfer happen?

Yes. All data transactions through FieldMax is visible to authorized users in real-time . The data is shown to the users based on their privileges. Data transfer between the mobile and web applications is through GPRS.


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