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  • The above price for single company with 200 Employees pack
  • Application Installation and implementation charges will be INR 15,000

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eliteHRMS is a holistic HRMS solution that helps companies manage employees and their data in an effective and efficient manner. The solution has been tested across different verticals IT/ITES, Production, Food and beverage industries, etc. The solution is aimed at serving the HR of an organization in managing the various activities pertaining to managing employees starting from hiring them till their retirement/exit. The solution has the core goal to fit with the corresponding industries without or less customization. It provides end to end HR Operations with huge cost benefits for the organization.
Product Features
eliteHRMS is a user friendly edition of HR/Payroll operation with high benefits in comprehensive cost. The solution focuses on enabling scalability, reliability, and security with next generation features for the users to make their life easier. The software is a hire-to-retire solution that caters to the various needs of HR department of a company and helps them operate in an effective and efficient manner. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • Admin:
    • Company and group of company:
      • Define companies and details of the company like addresses
      • Attach locations to companies
      • Define roles, attach one or more roles a user & set default role
  • Administration & Security:
    • Define the menu applicable for each role
    • Define access permissions for users for the process, as well as for actions within the process like Add, Edit, View and Delete.
    • Define & assign alerts to roles, specific employee or for all users
    • On login automatic setting of menus, processes, security rights and default values
    • Limit viewing of data to the level to which one belongs e.g. Specific Group Company, company, employee or location
  • Views:
    • Views show details of processes in a list view form
    • Views can also have one too many details, in which case the data can be seen in broken down form
    • Filters are provided to quickly arrive at the transaction one is looking for
    • Data can be exported to Excel
    • Data security norms based on the log in permissions apply for the output data Payroll & Statutory
  • Payroll Processing:
    • Payroll can be processed for a selected Payroll for a period & Pay group
    • Payroll monthly inputs to be finalized can be manage
    • Payroll processing report generation
    • Payroll processed will incorporate the Statutory Process of (PF, ESI, PT, LWF, Bonus, IT)
    • Provides option to process settlement payroll for relieving employees with hold payroll operation
    • Generate the pay slips, Bank statement & payroll process sheet for the salary verification
  • Benefits (PF & ESI, PT, LWF, Gratuity):
    • Model PF and ESI Elements
    • Load current rules applicable for the Indian environment with relevant minimum and maximum values
    • Map Employees to the respective PF/ESI/PT/LWF payment authorities Process PF/ESI
    • Generate Online Statutory Reports for PF/ESI
  • Income Tax processing:
  • A user can:
    • Make the declaration by the employees and deduct their taxes monthly against their annual income value
    • Generate the Form 16, Form 24 Q, Form 16 and etc.
    • Issue monthly tax statements to employees
  • Payroll rule builder:
  • A user can:
    • Manage calculation sequence by defining the Priority Level
    • Assign calculation types like Direct, Rule Based and Conditional
    • Calculations can be defined in Payroll Rule Builder or by Rules
    • Rules modifiable based on statutory changes
    • Define more complex rules for pay element, benefits or tax calculations
    • Attach the rule to relevant pay Elements and Pay groups hire to Retire
  • Job Offer/Induction:
  • A user can:
    • Create Job Offer
    • Confirm induction of applicant in a single click
    • On induction, auto creation of employee master
    • Generate Offer & Appointment letters by the selection in the system
  • Transfers/Promotions/Movements:
    • Transfer employee from one Location to another
    • Promote employee from one position to another
    • Upgrade employee Grade /Pay Level from one to another
    • Grade/Pay Level change automatically changes Employee Base Pay
    • Maintain Movement Types like “Temporary Deputation”, “Permanent Transfer”, etc.
    • Permanent Transfer details will be automatically updated in Employee master
    • Employee Promotions and Increments will lead the auto update of Employee salaries and calculation of movements (Inter month movements, beginning of the month & Retrospective date movements)
    • Auto generate movement letter from the system against the Increments or promotions
  • Separation:
    • Record employee separation with separation type
    • Record assets to be recovered from employee
    • Set the status of the employee whether he/she is relieved, not relieved or in notice period
    • Issue/receive assets to & from employees
    • On relieving employee, system will prompt for asset recovery, if any
    • Automatically employee master will be updated once employee is relieved HR Data
  • Org Structure & Org Tree Definition:
  • Allows user to:
    • Map multiple Locations to a Company
    • Map multiple users to Locations
    • Define & assign Alerts to Roles, specific Employee or for all users
    • Define Positions, Grades, Departments, and Divisions within the company – location structure
  • HR code:
    • Define Positions, Grades, Departments, Divisions within the company – location structure
    • Specify multiple base pay levels for grades and set values for these base levels 
  • HR Data & Report Views:
    • Maintain 200+ pieces of Employee information
    • Employee self-service - Assign login ID to employee(s)
    • Set Service Status like “On Roll”, “Sabbatical”, etc.
    • Set Position Status as “Probation”, “Confirmed”, etc.
    • Fix Grade & Pay Level to Employees
    • Record employee’s address, skills, statutory details, nominee details, asset details, personal details, salary details, official details, education& family, awards detail.
About The Company
Experts IN Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides end-to-end solutions in Information Technology and has its Head Quarters and Delivery center in Chennai, TamilNadu, India. The company has a team with expertise of more than 25 years of experience in IT industry. The motto of the company is "Delivering IT Solutions On-time, Cost-effective, Quality in an Innovative way". The company deliver software products, consulting, customized software projects etc. for Small and Medium size business segments. The team at Experts IN Solutions follows the industry leading best practices and has expertise in delivering the solutions to the customers on-time and within budget.

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