F Secure PSB Mobile Security for Android

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PSB Mobile Security for Android is a powerful security and privacy app from F-Secure designed for the needs of real businesses. It contains all key security features in one solution, offering complete cover for android devices, both online and on the move. PSB Mobile Security for Android protects against malware and dangerous websites. The solution effectively protects the privacy from leaky applications. The anti-theft features of the application protect data and device if lost or stolen. The solution also provides complete protection to online banking sessions. PSB Mobile Security for Android app also supports both SIM and WIFI-only devices.
Product Features
This solution provides unified management with MDM. Along with automatic software patch management capability, the solution allows users to safely store, sync and share files with people and devices. The app does not compromise with users’ privacy or confidentiality and provides best security on any device, anywhere and anytime effortlessly. Frontend features of this solution include:
  • Advanced Anti-Malware: Anti-Malware features in the solution with real-time reputation check for latest threats. The solution enables automatic scanning of the memory cards when inserted and apps on installation. Automatic database updates, and on-demand and scheduled scanning has been enabled.
  • Banking Protection: Banking protection feature gives added protection for online banking by identifying known and safe banking sites, in addition to secure connection. The solution also prevents usage of unsafe connections and malicious banking sites.
  • Application Privacy: PSB Mobile Security for Android prevents unwanted information loss in intrusive or leaky applications. Visibility to the applications that access unwanted information or functions has been configured. The app also shows which permissions are more critical than the others.
  • Supports SIM & Wi-Fi: This app supports WIFI-only devices and facilitates centrally managed email invitation and installation. Devices with SIM cards are installed with an SMS invitation and installation. No key codes are required for any approach as they are included in the package.
  • SMS, MMS & Call Blocking: The solution is quite capable of blocking both incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and MMS. The filtering is based on the blacklist created by the end-user and the blocked communication attempts are intercepted silently and logged.
  • Browsing Protection: The solution ensures that employees can work safely and efficiently online without worries. Real time protection is provided against frauds and phishing by preventing exposure. The solution itself removes human errors by preventing unintentional access to malicious sites.
  • Managed Anti-Theft: The app also ensures that devices and data remains safe even if stolen or lost. Remote locate, lock, wipe and alarm functions, in addition to SIM Lock are also -offered as anti-theft features.
  • Central Management: Central email & SMS invitation and installation for Wi-Fi and SIM devices has been enabled within the app. Database and product updates are also delivered automatically.
About The Company
F-Secure is a European cyber security company with decades of experience in defending enterprises and consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware infections to advanced cyber-attacks. Its comprehensive set of services and award-winning products use F-Secure's patented security innovations and sophisticated threat intelligence to protect tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. F-Secure's security experts have participated in more European cybercrime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 operators and thousands of resellers.

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