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About FilmoraPro

What is FilmoraPro?

FilmoraPro is a professional video editing software specially built for intermediate to expert level users working in media companies or freelancing. The software provides best in-class features that allows users introduce unique and innovative designs and work at a breakneck speed. FilmoraPro also offers quick video rendering service. The video editing software has a workstation that can handle unlimited tracks and allows users to add different clips, animations, and audio tracks to their projects. 

Speaking of audio tracks, FilmoraPro has automated audio synchronization features, which ensure that video editors do not skip a bit. It offers an audio compressor that allows editors to modulate the voice of their video without loosing its natural quality. FilmoraPro also offers a built-in screen recorder for video editors and tutorial designers to work on projects seamlessly. 

Who is FilmoraPro for and why do they use it? 

FilmoraPro is used by and created for professional video editors. It is a software for professionals working in companies with frequent media requirements and need high-quality videos for ad campaigns, promotions, etc. 

FilmoraPro is a non-linear editing solution that does not require an active internet connection or system upgrades over time. This best video editing solution gives video editors the option to upgrade their system at their own pace, instead of getting a forced update in subscription service. FilmoraPro video editor helps create customizable animations so that you can establish your own style. 

What features does FilmoraPro offer?

Here is a quick overview of FilmoraPro features: 

  1. Unlimited video tracks 
  2. Audio noise reduction
  3. Automated audio synchronization 
  4. Automatic color correction 
  5. Preset transformation 
  6. Video stabilization 
  7. Motion tracking 
  8. Animation 
  9. Ease in and Ease out options 
  10. Pan and Zoom edits

What is the price of FilmoraPro Video Editor? 

FilmoraPro price differs based on user requirements. Please request a call for further information.

Sold By : Wondershare

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FilmoraPro Features

Video editors can introduce preset motions and customize personal animations with keyframes in their video projects.
FilmoraPro offers a wide range of special effects that can be introduced in their videos like animations, zoom & pan, ease in/out, text titles, etc.
This video editing software has an automated color correction to improve the visual quality of your video.
The software allows users to add customized animations and make motion tracking edits in their videos.
Editors can add customized animated texts to their videos in real-time.
The software enables editors to add a wide variety of visual effects such as, lights, flares, text, titles, warping, distortion to their creations.
FilmoraPro enhances the audio quality of a video through noise reduction and automated synchronizer.
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FilmoraPro Specifications

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FilmoraPro FAQs

A. FilmoraPro does not offer updates on the existing license. You will have to purchase the new version of the software.
A. Here are the basic system requirements for FilmoraPro: 1. Windows: Microsoft 8 or above (64-bit); macOS 10.13 high Sierra or above 2. Processor: Intel Core i3 to i7 or AMD equivalent 3. Hard Disk Space: 1.3 GB minimum 4. RAM: 4 GB 5. Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or higher, Intel HD Graphics or above, AMD Radeon R5 240 or later
A. Here is a list of video formats supported by FilmoraPro – AVI, QuickTime (both Windows and Mac), AVCHD, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc.
A. FilmoraPro supports AAC, MP3, WMA, MPA, WAV, and M4V.
A. Techjockey provides an online demo for FilmoraPro. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.

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