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Frappé is a full stack web application framework written in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS with MySQL as the backend. It was built for ERPNext but is pretty generic and can be used to build database driven apps. The key difference in Frappé compared to other frameworks is that meta-data is also treated as data and is used to build front-ends very easily. Frappé comes with a full blown admin UI called the Desk that handles forms, navigation, lists, menus, permissions, file attachment and much more out of the box. Frappé also has a plug-in architecture that can be used to build plugins to ERPNext. 
Product Features
Frappé for Developers is a full-stack web framework based on Python and JavaScript to help you build powerful business apps and nifty extensions. Frappé Framework was initially designed to build ERPNext, open source ERP for managing small and medium sized businesses, but being quite generic, it facilitates the developers to build database driven apps. The feature highlights include:
  • Community: Frappé connects business users with service providers and web developers who specialize in ERP systems. Users can find freelancers to customize ERPNext offered by Frappé.
  • Frappé Apps: Contributions drive the open source ecosystem. It is a showcase of Frappé apps built by amazing fellow developers.
  • Consulting: Frappé offers special consulting programs for businesses who want in-house capabilities in building and managing their ERP systems.
About The Company
Established in 2008, Frappé is an internet company based out of Mumbai, India. Its flagship product ERPNext is an award-winning and easy to use ERP loved by businesses worldwide. Frappé products and the web framework have a thriving open source community. Developers and service providers participate from over 44 countries and are relentless about building ERP ecosystems. Following the innovative approach and integrating advanced technology features, Frappé aims to deliver high end cost effective software solutions. The company constitutes a technically sound and professional workforce with hands on experience in delivering ultramodern automation solutions.

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